CK Makeup Review

I’ve been meaning to CK makeup since I first laid my eyes on the black and white packagings. Truthfully, I stick to a product when I find a good thing, but I also love to try new products. So when CK make up had a little promotion where they do your makeup for free, I grabbed my mother (yeah, for real) and sat on the make up chair for a good 45 minutes make up session.

Well, here are my findings:

1. Variety

Okay, let me say this now. CK is not known for its makeup (obviously) and it certainly established itself like Chanel or Dior, so I have to say in terms of variety, it’s relatively limited. Limited, does not mean it’s not good. In fact, for me, it’s probably the perfect thing since I only use one and the same thing over and over again. However, I can see a lot of people turning away due to its limited colour selections and options. So 3.5 Gold Points.

3.5 star

CK makeup products review

2. Product Design

I think we all know why I REALLY wanted to try the products (PRODUCT DESIGN!!!). I thought the whole collection looks GREAT even if it’s a little bland and minimalistic for some people, it’s very much an extension of their line of Ready-to-wear. So for me, product design is 5 Gold Points.

5 star

CK makeup Product Desigm

3. Foundation

Okay, remember how not long ago I posted about the drug-store foundation here? Well, I use the same assessment process for these guys.

Colour: Not a good range for us Asian girls. Most of it are pink based. When I got home, I found there is a noticeable difference in colour between my neck and my face. I have to say though, for a pink based foundation, the sales assistant picked the closest shade which made the whole difference in colour very bearable.

Application: Seriously, this foundation is very light. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it feels like it’s not there, but it’s very light and airy. Something I can imagine myself wearing everyday. You know, if they had the right shade.

The application on my was a lot less than it was on my mother, who is 59 years old. They had to put a much heavier layer on her, as you would probably expect. So I’d say this product is definitely for the younger generation of peeps.

Price: Okay, here’s the part that I’m going to let you down. I LOST THE PRICE!!! They wrote down all the products I tried and the price but I LOST IT! But from memory, it was around the $35 mark.

Longevity: Well, they did use loose powder on me and my skin was pretty good that day so nothing drastic happened (like make up falling off my face). Long story short, the foundation stayed on well. Verdict on the foundation is 4.5 Gold Points. 

4.5 star

12 Concealer

ck Foundation

4. Eyeshadow Base / Primer

Okay, I used to never use eyeshadow primer. Mostly because I don’t think I needed. Until one day I attended a wedding and my eyeshadow makeup started to fall off my face like runny yolk I thought I needed to order me some primer.

And OH MY GOD I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WAS MISSING OUT ON!!!!!! Now, make up, stayyyyy. Yes, Michelle Phan, I knew I should have listen to you.

I remembered this more pricier than I expected. I bought the current eye primer from E.L.F., which was $5.99 for a three pack. AND it works brilliantly! So while I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to every girls, E.L.F Eyelid Primer is a far more economical option. Verdict? 4 Gold Points.

4 star

CK Eye primer

5. Eye Shadow

As soon as I saw the eye shadows on the table as you would’ve seen in that first picture, I thought: “Wow! So many bright colours. How is this EVER going to work with my Asian eyes???!!!!????!!!??” Luckily, they have some neutral colour.

I wouldn’t use majority of the colours, but that’s because I’m not entirely experimental with colours on eyes. If you don’t mind using colours, then this will probably be a pretty cool collection. One thing I don’t get though, is how they pair the colours; pink with green, yellow with blue. For an amateur like me, it’s scary to see colours go together like that.

They may have saw the fear on my face, because for me they used a really plain and simple palette in the image below:

CK eye shadow

For my mother however, they used one with a darker variation.

07 Eye shadow

I don’t have an image for my mother, as she dislikes picture of herself even more than I do, but here is a closeup of my face to show you the eyes.

I thought about taking a SUPER closeup of my eyes only, but it looked like a poster shot for The Ring. Sooooo this is what you have to deal with. Excuse the messy brow. I’m not totally there as you can see by the vacant expression in my eyes.

Anyway, here are a few tricks the makeup artist taught me about using the pencil eyeliner on Asian eyes.

1. Fill the gaps between the lashes to make your eyes stand out

2. Instead of lining the entire bottom lid, only go half way or 3/4

how to line asian eyes

Maybe the advice is quite unnecessary for most girls, as it seems I’m the last approaching-30-years-old that DID NOT know this make up tip.

6. Blush

Blush compact divides into two sections: Creme + Powder.

5 star

For my mother, they patted on the creme blush on the apples of her cheek, then lightly swept the powder blush towards the end of her cheekbone using this colour below.

10 Blush

For me however, they only used a tiny bit of powder.


I really like the two combination, I can see myself using the powder mostly, but the creme is definitely great for using it to define your bone structure or if you want a darker shade of blush.

I would happily give this product 5 Gold Points.

7. Mascara

13 Mascara

We all know what it does so I’ll tell you how this differs from other mascaras:

1. It’s got a twist brush. You can twist to extend or shorten it. It’s such a simple mechanism, but I won’t why no one has thought of it before. Great detail in design.

2. It lasts long, doesn’t smudge even if you rub your eye and it doesn’t go flaky and falls on your face to make you look like a panda.

Verdict? 5 Gold Points.

5 star

8. Brow Pencil

The great thing about this brow pencil is that it’s got a “gel” brush at the end of it.

Do I use brow pencils? No.
Did this brow pencil change my life? No.
Am I going to buy this? No.

3.5 star
11 Eyebrow Pencil

So that was it. I would tell you a little more if I could find the price. I really like the mascara and I will actually buy one next time. So, if I ever change my mind about the quality of the mascara, I’ll be sure to post it up.

This is definitely something for the fresh young girls of today. It’s vibrant in colour and it’s not terribly expensive. It’s cheaper than some of the other luxury brand but I wouldn’t say it’s cheap.  In the mean time, definitely check it out the next time you see the CK make up counter. It’s new, it doesn’t have a huge range of products, but has a good starting point.


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