Wedding: Favours & Bonbonniere

Okay guys. Wedding planning is moving along at an acceptable pace; we’ve just booked the venue, I bought a wedding dress for my pre-wedding photo shoot (okay, there should definitely be a new post) AND we’re deciding on some of the finer details. Details being: Bonbonniere or as I would like to call it favours (because I have noooo idea how to pronounce the other word).

I actually have two ideas for favours, both involve candies. I’m sure you’ve seen these candies before:

wedding candy

Yep, I thought these are soooo cute. Do you know what it looks like at the beginning?


When I saw that, I was like: “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” Actually, I saw the above first, and as we moved closer to the packaging side of the shop, I realised that blob actually turns into a heart. Not just any heart, a nice and perfectly proportioned one.

I think I’m still in shock.

Not only can they do hearts, they can even write your names. I know. AH-mazing. Well, even though the lollies are super adorable, I find the jars they came in weren’t to my taste:


They come in different sizes, and according to the shop, each person should get about 40g per serving at the very least, and they could provide you in a clear plastic bag (as you can see in the bottom left hand corner of the photo and yes, that cost money too).  Well, then we came across these cute jars with clip tops:

 wedding favoursTop to bottom: Mini Clip Top Jar; Quarttro Stagioni Jar; Cotton Bag; Wood Spoon & Glass Jar; Snap Lid; Jar with Cork Lid.

And this is where I start to hesitate. Each jar is about $3 average (counting shipping) plus another $1 of candy, that is a good $4 per favour. With 150 people, that’s $600 just for favours.

My other option was set up a Candy Bar. I was actually thinking of using linen/canvas bag, dip it in white and navy paint. Not only will I use it as a favour, I will also use it as a place card. According to market rate, candy bars for 150 people should be around $300 – $350, plus the bags, well, I’ll have to keep that under $100 to have any significant savings. If we choose the candy bar option however, it’s more troublesome. I’ll have to semi make the bag, then get people to set it up on the day (what if it’s not how I want it?), and how do you get people not to take too much of something and so on….

What do you think I should do?


4 thoughts on “Wedding: Favours & Bonbonniere

  1. Will you have the photobooth too?
    I think in a lot of weddings you’ll find people often leave their bonbonnieres or forget them, particularly lollies. And a candy bar will require quite a bit of space as well.

    Should you have them?

    1. Um…I agree. I’ve seen people leaving their bonbonnieres behind. However, I do feel there will be something missing from the wedding if I don’t have them.

      I suppose the beauty of the “Candy Bar” is so people who don’t want candy don’t have to choose it.

      I would LURV to have a photobooth. Like LURVVVVV to have it. I’m a little worried about the space issue though….

  2. Here’s an idea! English not being my mothertongue I misread part of the candy bar thing, and thought of it as a candybar (like a snickers, marsbar etc.). You get an artisinal candybar for each person, print their names on some fancy stiker and use it as placeholder… and voila!

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