Little Black Heel

Quite a while ago, an acquaintance of mine who was vertically challenged made an interesting but completely false comment on the heels I wear around at work. He said: “Oh, you girls nowdays wear these heels just so that you can look as tall as men.”
Well, isn’t that funny? Men think we dress for them. I was in a kind and gentle mood, so I just smiled, teased and walked away thinking to myself: “Nope. I think it makes my butt look good.”

Well, that story has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m about to tell you next.

My work shoes are really quite um….safe (okay I’m not talking Occupational health and safety kinda safe, just in a fashion sense). Is that a bad thing though? Absolutely no. But for an upcoming hens night where everyone has to wear black dress and black heel, I’m going need something boarder line dangerous.

Will I wear this often after the party? Probably not considering I hardly wear heels outside of work. But should I indulge myself here? Should I reward myself for making to March 2013 without breaking down? HELLLLLL YEAHHHH!!!!


black heels

1. Dontcha $159.95 {Nine West}; 2. Carine Heel $169.95 {Witchery}; 3. Adrina Pocket Black Heel $149.95 {Seed Heritage}; 4. Splendid Knot Strap Heels $395 {Oroton}; 5. Candice Pump $179 {Country Road}.

Well, I’m leaning towards No. 2 because when you see a model stepping out of a car with legs like these you start to get visions of yourself in heels looking like that.

witchery black heel



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