Josh Charles: The Velvet Blazer Look

Two discoveries guys: 1. The Good Wife is like, totally awesome; 2. Pulling off the velvet blazer casual look might not be so hard.

Okay, so I’ve always loved lawyer shows. Then I was introduced to The Good Wife and I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvv lawyer shows. Sooner or later you will see a post about the what is appropriate to wear to court even though I’m not a lawyer, but let’s focus on one character today: Will Gardner played by Josh Charles.

Both my fiance and I love him (in different ways….), and it’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you like someone famous and you have their name, you google them. So I did. Naturally, I liked all those images of Mr. Josh Charles in tux or suits, but then this magazine shoot caught my attention:

josh charles plays will gardner in the good wifeSource

Well well well, what a surprise. Blazers in EVERY image. Love this guy.

But seriously, I was really surprised by the image of him in the velvet blazer. You see I always have a love hate relationship with velvet blazers. If not worn correctly, you will be mistaken as a douche bag by the general public. Here’s another anecdote that is somewhat relevant but totally demonstrates the POWER of a velvet blazer:

One day my friend and I were just walking the down street to get our lunch, then, suddenly, I saw a guy in a very nicely tailored navy velvet blazer, and a pair of aviators and some pants. No he didn’t stop, he walked right past me. What’s magical is that after he walked past me, I had to ask my friend to repeat what he said to me earlier, because I was so mesmerised by that dude that my body stopped functioning.

And what’s more, I don’t remember his face, but I remember he felt good looking. Yes guys, I FELT his hotness. Even though I would normally disregard men like that (I mean, c’mon, velvet blazer with aviators? That’s a douche bag look), he most important thing is, it’s not the the face that got me since I don’t even know what he looks like, it’s the velvet blazer boys and girls! The velvet blazer made that guy hot.

Yeah. I’m superficial like that.

Anyway, so while I know not everyone can pull off the “I’m-sexy-and-I-know-it-look”, I still think a velvet blazer is one hell of a statement piece and it would be awesome if it can be incorporated into the everyday casual wear. I thought it was hard, but it’s so simple.

josh charles


White tee + black pants + chucks = Everyday Casual

velvet blazer casual look

Top to bottom, left to right:

1. Velvet Blazer $139.60 {ASOS}; 2. White Scoop Neck Tee {Topman}; 3. Authentic Vans in Black {Need Supply}; 4. Skinny Chino {Urban Outfitters}.

Before I let you go, let me add a few more notes here for those thinking about trying this look:

1. Please please please don’t show chest hair when wearing a velvet blazer. Unless you want to look sleazy.

2. Avoid wearing a V-neck tee when you’re pairing it with a blazer. Go for a round neck. Oh and it hides the hair.

3. Always pick a fitting / slim velvet blazer. Don’t ever go big.


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