Food For Thought: Fur | Faux Fur | No Fur

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Here in Sydney, winter is coming and consequently, so is fur.  And fur is as sensitive of a subject as religion.

Often, topics like these can spark all kinds of fury and unreasonable remarks. Yet, I still want to hear your thoughts on this. Now before you skip to the end of this, I really want you to hear me out. This is not a blog post that is trying to ‘defend’ anyone, this is to get people to think CRITICALLY.

 Personally, I’ve been somewhat intrigued by fur since I was little; it’s such a luxurious and opulent product and oh sooo pretty. But, it’s wrong. Is it wrong to WANT fur? Nope. We all want pretty things. But it’s wrong to BUY fur. Why? Because the fact that a lot of fur was farmed and obtained in unethical and inhumane ways. Some fur farms beat animals or skin them while alive. While not ALL fur were obtained in this manner, buying fur is indirectly promoting these type of cruel behaviour because of demand and supply.

Now, here are some of my questions:

If you would not wear REAL fur, would you still wear faux fur?

If you believe fur is murder, then why is using leather goods acceptable, especially when we know it may have came from a calf?

Have you ever done any research yourself on fur farming? If you have, are they reliable sources that is not from their own marketing campaigns or website?

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