Suits & Sneakers

It takes a certain kind of men to wear sneakers with suits; and it takes a certain level confidence to pull it off.

It’s almost like every other fashion trend, it takes a fearless fashionista to break a non conventional idea and turn it into a widely accepted trend. Sometimes, the trend is so easy to catch on because it makes sense (like Bieber’s hair, you know it makes sense); while other trends takes a while to warm up to.

Like this one: Suits & Sneakers.

suite & sneakers 01

Image Source (L-R): 1. 2. 3. 4.

First of all, suits and sneakers have actually been around for a while now. It’s definitely NOT a new thing, but this trend is taking a while to catch on. To some people, it’s something that should NEVER catch on. By some people I mean Ryan Gosling.

While I this may not be my (or Ryan’s) first preference to pair with a nicely cut suit, sneakers & suits combo really shows off just how cool the wearer is. In fact, how confident and comfortable he/she is with him/herself. I think there are quite a few tricks to wearing sneakers with suits: To make it understated, you should pick classic shape and colour sneakers. That is, white, black, grey chucks or vans. Like these ones:


1.  2.  3.  4.  5.

Once you start to stray from those colours and style, you are really stepping into the experimental territory. Or Steve Jobs territory.
But if you happen to go for a pair of sneakers for its comfortability (I’m talking about new balance sneakers here), I think there is a key word to bringing that look home: Contrast.

Essentially, you want people to know that you wore that sneaker with the suit purposefully, so you need to bring a lot of attention to your shoes (even though logic tells you to do otherwise). I think, there are two ways of achieving that contrast.

One of the first is colour. If your suit is black and your sneakers are red, then it will draw attention.

Secondly, roll that pants up or make sure there is a cuff on that trousers. Think of the cuff as a frame, framing the sneakers before moving onto the rest of the outfit. So you’re really contrasting the sneakers against the suit by separation. Like this guy here:

fashion for mature men


He might not be wearing sneakers, but he sure makes those yellow shoes look good.

Here are just a few combos that I think you should consider if you ABSOLUTELY have to wear these new balance sneakers with the suit. Remember, don’t forget to roll those trousers up!!

suite and sneakers styles for men

1. BOGLIOLI Suit {$1447}; 2. Jil Sander Shirt {$316}; 3. Pierre Hardy Sneakers {483}.combination02

1. Paul Smith Suit {$1509}; 2. Burberry Prorsum Shirt {248}; 3. New Balance Sneakers {$137}.combination03

1. Paul Smith London Suit {$1152}; 2. Gucci T-shirt {$291}; 3. New Balance Sneakers {$168}.

All of the items from this post has been selected from Mr. Porter (one of my absolutely favourite for menswear). I admit, the exquisite pieces are not often affordable. But I still read their style guides and journals almost religiously. Spend a few minutes (or hours) browsing through the contents of the web page. I promise, you won’t regret it.


3 thoughts on “Suits & Sneakers

  1. Surely I can’t be the only one that thinks this supposed trend makes anyone that attempts it look ridiculous?
    Even the models look like they’ve not quite got the disguise right to escape from the institution.
    Though if you’re aiming for the man-child look, or like to play with potatoes, go nuts! (you’ve already got the outfit for it).

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