Oh it’s on!

Alright, so I’ve taken a few weeks (uh…may be a few months) off from blogging. Seriously I’ve been soooo busy! I’ve been going through this crazy busy phase where you can’t REALLY say what you’ve been busy with, it’s just all these LITTLE tasks that drains all your time and energy.

Regardless what it is, I’m back. I’m so so back. And now I’m back to planning and carrying out all those little ideas I have for my wedding.

So brace yourselves, lots of wedding posts are about to hit these pages.

One of the first thing I’m going to tackle is Wedding Decoration.

wedding Table Decoration

Thing is, both my fiance and I had a good look through our budget. Gosh, it’s scary.
How scary you ask? Well, for 140 people, we are already running soooo dangerously close to $40K.
How on earth did we get to that high? Well, that’s another post altogether. It’s one of those stories I need to tell in retrospective.

Point is, wedding decoration is about to become a real gamble for my wedding. So there will be lots of experiments / planning / budgeting / DIYs coming up. I even hope to share lots of my inspiration with you guys, in case you can draw a different inspiration from some of my pins. I even have different experiences and stories told by recent brides and bridesmaids that I will be sharing with you guys.

In the mean time however, please check out my Pinterest Wedding Board to find the above pictures. Some images you see in there might not be ethereal, but TRUST me, inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

So now, I’m off to compose my next blog post! Wedding Flowers Part II.



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