Next to a Rock and a Hard Place

Working with family is difficult. So when my mother unofficially engaged me to be their Interior Designer + Project Manager + Confidante + Minion for her new place, I began to really understand the phrase “smash my head against a wall”.

Right now, what she needs is a console table at the end of a hall way about 10m down. Thankfully we have already agreed that it will need to be on a glass console like the one below for it to work magically. GREAT! Just what I was thinking.


Above console is from Matt Blatt for $485.

Here comes the hard part, my mother has a rock she needs to display.
Well, I’m sure everyone has something quirky in their house, like I have a block of dried up clay in my shoe cupboard.

So my pitch would be to put the focus on the rock and keep the table top CLEAN. So the obvious choice is to pair this rock with light (nah duh?!); and I found myself four dramatically different light.


A. Vulain Lamp $492 {A+R}

Well, let’s just look at the price and I know my mother would KILL this proposal NOW.OPTION 01

B. Clarity Table Lamp in Teal $26.90 {Freedom}

This is simple, adds colour and I like the fact that the lamp is in a rounder shape.OPTION 02

C. Horden Tripod Table Lamp $89 {Freedom}

When I first thought of putting a lamp out here, this is the one that I thought of. Far more masculine than the previous shape, the shape is consistent with the feel of the rock. OPTION 03D. Work Lamp $142 {A+R}

This is my personal favourite. It be better if this can be hung above the rock, but even at this state, it almost feels like installation art.

You might think it’s a little bare, but trust me when I say this will be filled with stuff (More odd stuff than that rock), so I want to keep plenty of empty space around the light and the rock.

Which one do you think looks good?


4 thoughts on “Next to a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Emma – I don’t know if you know – I got a new place (its a match box – but its my match box and I love it). But here’s the thing – I am addicted – I have furniture and wall colour and linen and dinner sets whirling through my mind and I am having trouble concentrating on anything else! – how do I cure myself? I have to work in the morning…

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