A Man’s Wallet

Thankfully, my man has good taste. (Well, for starters, he picked me right!?:P)

Surprisingly, I actually think has better taste in music and books. It could be that he is a lot more open minded and is driven by logic. More than usual though, I often question his choice in accessories. Not that they’re BAD, they are just…questionable. So when he first told me about this new wallet he was purchasing, I didn’t hold my breath. Now that I’ve seen it, I have to say it’s definitely worth sharing.

First of all, I’m a great believer in the ‘Less is more’ philosophy, so I actually prefer men’s wallet to women’s. Men’s wallets tend to have less patterns and I appreciate the understated characteristics. Some might consider them to be down right boring. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
The last two wallets I bought was this one, they were from Oroton Men’s wallet range.

So back to topic. To start, let me show you a picture taken from Bellroy’s website.



It’s  obvious that the reduction in size is significant. More importantly though, the thinning of the wallet is not JUST for comfortability, but also a life style change. First you need to look into your own wallet and separate the receipts from the loyalty cards from the credit cards. So what this really wallet really made people do, is question what is really important to them. And discard the rest.

new and old Wallet Comparison

The action of throwing things out is both a physical and an emotional action. Like when you throw out gifts or letters from your Ex, you are attempting to erase them from your memory and moving on to a new stage in life.
De-cluttering your wallet follows the same philosophy: Get it down to the bare essentials.

So when new wallet finally arrived, it came in this pretty cool cardboard envelope with stitches on the side (love details like that). And their logo is an owl! Who doesn’t love owls?
Wallet Detail

As expected, the packaging wasn’t just packaging, it was an extension of the wallet. The wallet was neat, well crafted and felt slim.

bellroy wallet

Bellroy Wallet

One thing I had to ask was how on earth do you get cards out? I mean, cash you can pull out quickly because they’re thin, but when cards are bunch together, it’s veeeeerrry hard to slid them out. Thankfully, these people asked that question too. Here’s how:

bellroy wallet

So if you still have trouble slimming down your wallet, you need to read this first.

Annnnd if our Slim Sleeve Wallet is not your style, but you really would like to spice up your life with some new accessories, Bellroy does other stuff too!!!

Bellroy Wallet range



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