So I’ve shown you various HQs before, I’m talking about Urban Outfitter, Facebook, Google, Lego. So now I can add one more to the list: ASOS.

Similar to these new age of work spaces, ASOS Headquarter is not only a work space, it’s a showroom + media space + creative space + meeting space. It’s even designed to be toured.

ASOS office HQ

asos office HQ

Following that, have a look at the  design for the staircase from conceptual to construction drawing to the real thing. Large banner of cool looking young adults, dressed in the latest trend, hanging down 2 storey staircase.

asos office sketch01

asos office construction drawings

asos office stairs

asos office 05

asos office 03

asos office wall detail

This I love: these would normally be timber slats that separate the space? Now wrapped in patterned fabric.

asos office details

asos office sketch 02

asos office sketch 03

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