Hello there!

Hello There!

A big, gigantic hello from Hong Kong.

After 10 hours of walking around in a hot & humid Hong Kong I have made 3 conclusive findings:

1. I’m so so unfit;
2. Hong Kong people LOVE 7 Elevens & Sasa;
3. I cannot deal with large crowds for an extended period of time.

This is only my second time in Hong Kong; the last time I was here was back in early February 2008. Let’s start with the fact that I have forgotten just how hilly Hong Kong is; then climbing the hills in 30 degrees Celsius heat just makes it that much more intense. Every time I feel I’m about to die of thirst, I’m saved by those 7 Elevens that are literally 200 meters apart from each other. Making them truly convenient.

While part of the appeal of Hong Kong is the hustling and bustling, I’m starting to find that being part of the hustling is actually really draining. What’s more, I feel like I’m constantly dodging things. People are coming for you in every direction and believe it or not, there is water dripping from the air conditioners from up above. By the time I’ve walked past the 10th 7 Eleven, I feel like I’ve gone through several levels of a computer game and I’m ready for the boss fight. Only this game is called LIFE.

Over the next week and half I hope to share some interesting stories of my trip to HK. In the mean time, I’ll be looking for foot massage places…


3 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. I love Hong Kong. I have friends there who study in this fancy-schmacy art school called SCAD? If you’re still there, maybe you’d like to take a visit?

    Enjoy Hong Kong! (And stop by the Philippines, if you can. Go to the beaches, don’t go to the city!)

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