Gold Flatware

gold flatwareIt could be the iPhone. It could be Hong Kong. Or it could be all the American blogs I’ve been ready lately, but I’m starting to realllllllyyyy like gold flatware.

Okay, I agree, sometimes gold can be used so poorly it turns off anyone except people with bad taste; however, when used appropriately it can feel exquisite without being too delicate, and luxurious without being too opulent.

So, let me introduce you to 6 different sets of gold flatware that I’m SERIOUSLY considering…

1. Marchesa Imperial Carviar Gold Flatware Set {Lenox}

2. Herdmar ‘Spigar Brush Gold’ Flatware Set {Amazon}

3. Herdmar ‘Vintage Brushed Gold’ Flatware Set {Amazon}

4. Gorham Flatware {Fishpond}

5. Rose Gold Flatware Set {West Elm}

6. Italian Gold Flatware {Trendir}


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