Incredibly Stylish Toddlers

You know, I’ve never really been into kids. I mean, I find them cute if they have chubby cheeks and will possibly entertain them for about 30 seconds and that is about it….However, about 10 minutes ago I found myself ALMOST repinning this RIDICULOUSLY stylish kid onto my Pinterest Board. But I wasn’t repinning it onto my special ‘Kids Fashion’ because I don’t have one of those, but I was so so close to repinning them to MY STYLE board.

Stylish KidsImage Source

That may not mean much to those who don’t use Pinterest. Essentially what it meant was that I was taking fashion advice from a 5 YEAR OLD!!!

Nay, I wasn’t just taking advice from her, I was LEARNING from her. Of course I knew that there is no wayyyyyyyyyy that kid dressed herself, it’s obviously her stylish mum or dad, but toddlers are not suppose dress that well!!???!!!! I’m thinking their clothes should be stained with chocolate ice cream and saliva, possibly just getting used to wearing shoes….NOT SILVER STUD LOAFERS!!! Of which I would lurrrvvvvv hate to have!

And look at her, she’s got a string as a skinny belt. Ladies, this is what I’m talking about: This 5 year old has proportion down pat.

So I searched ‘Stylish kids’ and to my surprise, apparently I’ve been living under a rock or something. These stylish toddlers have been roaming the earth for quite some time.

I’ve attached some images so you can feel sorry for yourself like I have……

kids with stylesImage Source: 1, 2, 3, 4.


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