Wedding: The Backdrop

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It’s not a tradition of mine to start a blog post with an unrepeatable anecdote, so I will start now.

Pinterest, as you know is practically my Bible. I look at that shit religiously. So, no doubt I noticed when they asked me a question and get you to type in the answer so they’ll find you some amazing images like they have TODAY.
My question was along the line of “What is your idea of a fun outdoor activity?”. Well, it’s been raining pretty heavily in Sydney over the last few days and with little to no thought, I wrote down my first and a very genuine answer: “Running like wild goose in the rain.”

Pinterest returned my search with this line:
“We couldn’t find any results for ‘Running like wild goose in the rain‘, but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers or Pasta!”
Of course not Pinterest. Of course you couldn’t find any results because I doubt anyone else thinks running like wild goose in the rain is a fun outdoor activity….no.

So…… prep eh?

Since the very beginning I’ve been looking for 1-2 materials/colours to use at the wedding and ONLY those. Then I decided it needs to be cheap and DIY-able, so here is my philosophy on using cheap materials:
Go big or go home, because lots of anything will always make an impression. After weeks or possibly months of ferocious research of paper backdrops I came across a few designs that made an impression on me.

One of the first idea I went to was using various geometric shapes like the first one below (I luurrvvvv geometric shapes, just check out this Pinterest board). Making these geo shapes won’t be too hard if you have a template, which I know you can find in this magical land of world wide web, but it will require drawing, and cutting and …..other stuff. More importantly though, hanging these shapes will be problematic, same with the last one that uses cones. Although, if you have opportunity to hang them, the cones will be much easier to make than the geo shapes.

wedding backdrop ideasImage Source: 1, 2, 3.

The confetti image gave me an idea that instead of using various different things and put it together, I could colour a large panel of fabric. However, it’s not as flattering as something that has a 3 dimensional quality.

And then I saw this.

The pom pom factoryImage Source

Okay, maybe I won’t be able to recreate that exactly, but I love the way the paper pom poms just creeps up on the stair case. More importantly, I love the way these paper pom poms just gathers together. In fact, it looks just like the bottom of a Vera Wang wedding gown. Ahhhhhhh……

So, I started making my very own. It might just be a work in process, but you can kind of see where I’m going with this.

wedding ceremony backdrop

And honestly, I’m LOVING the making of this backdrop. I can’t believe how fun it is to make this thing. Reminds me of my days in university making one of my models.
I mean, it takes a LOT of my time and there just seems to be a never ending amount of paper pom poms to make, but it’s all about the journey right? Anyway, I can’t stop making these.

We can’t stooop

And we won’t stooooop….until I finish making this large ass backdrop

I’ll update you guys a little later on the net and framing that I’m using. Can’t give everything away in one go.


It’s completed! And I love it soooo much. See how it turned out in this post.


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