How They’re Made

Alright kids. There is no doubt I’m a curious about EVERYTHING. Like sometimes I sit at the sushi train restaurant and think about how fast can the sushi train can go.

Yeah. I get bored.

But knowledge is POWER. So I’m going to give you a good dose of power by giving you answers to the questions you have never bothered to ask. Like…..How are balloons made? How are mirrors made?

Okay, so none of these things explores any craftsmanship or a dying skill (well the Pointe Shoes is pretty amazing), they show how an everyday item is mass produced. But don’t you want to know anyway?

You’re welcome.

How are Balloons made?

How are Lipsticks made?

How are Mirrors made?

How are Pointe Shoes made?

How are Light Bulbs made?


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