Gold | Copper | Brass

These days I’m so into Gold | Copper | Brass things it’s starting to scare ME.

Firstly, I blame it on the amazing interior designer Emily Henderson. I’m about 300% certain I’m now obsessed because of her crazy styling.
(Check out this makeover!!)
Half the stigma with gold is the fact that Chinese people (me being one of them) have this reputation that we love to have gold on absolutely everything, which could makes gold look tacky.
I much prefer using it in a monochrome colour space such as this one below:

gold highlights in the kitchen

Image Source

The gold is used as an accent and it’s far more effective when it’s juxtaposed with neutral colours.

No doubt, I’ve been very tempted to start decorating all the rooms that I occupy with small items of gold/brass/copper. So, a while back I bought a brass pen holder from one of my favourite Australian brand Country Road shown below. I think when I saw it I almost fainted from pure excitement. I don’t remember much, but I remember seeing it in the shop, then cut straight to the moment when I put it in the office and stare at it for a good 2 minutes.

Did I pay for the pen holder? Nobody knows.
If I did pay for it, do I regret spending $40 on this pen holder? Absolutely no. No regrets. None.

brass pen holder

Sadly, it’s not available anymore (because I would probably buy another to have at home), but there are plenty of brass/copper/gold desk accessories out there.
I’m so digging the copper boxes….

Brass Copper Gold

Brass: Pencil Holder $48 {Anthropologie}; Copper: Desk Collection $12-$32 {Anthropologie}; Gold: Pen Holder $9.95 {Typo}.

As if that’s not enough, I’ve dedicated an entire Pinterest board to my love for those three materials.

Pinterest Page

Pinterest Board: Gold | Copper | Brass

What’s really scary though, is these colours are starting to seep into my board for Kitchen & Bathroom.

So, friends. All I ask of you is to be supportive in these difficult times. If I run out of the shop holding the gold pen holders then just pay for it first, so nobody ends up in jail for shop lifting.


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