Wedding: The Backdrop & Table Numbers

LB-The Wedding

After 2 years of preparation and a thousand paper pom poms later, we had our wedding in early May. We were so very blessed, because the weather was ridiculously good and everyone was so chilled. And guess what? I actually finished all my food!

While I only have limited photos with me, I have to share some of my wedding DIYs and extraordinary experiences I had at my wedding.


Remember this post? Well, this is how it turned out:



It was freaking awesome. Well, at least I loved it even if no one else did. What you’re seeing are one thousand paper pom poms tied onto 2 golf practice nets exactly like this one here. Yes, you read that correctly that’s approximately one thousand paper pom poms.

So the important questions are: How much time did I spend on this? How much did it cost? Should I do this myself?

Time is hard to quantify because I worked to about 60% completion and had help for the final 40%. If you really want to try it out, you should time yourself making about 10-15 paper pom pom. Then, multiply that time by 3. I know it sounds excessive, but you have to understand that time includes tying it onto the net. On top of that you should consider the fact that you won’t be able to make it for 5 hours straight. You’d be lucky to get through 1 hour; however, towards the end I had my best friends help me finish all of them and so it was much more fun having them around so it lasted for hours.

If I have to put a number? I’d say about 6 months of serious pom pom making. That is everyday after work for about an hour or two for 6 months by myself.

And how much?

Each frame was about AUS$90 with delivery. I bought the pom poms from this Chinese wholesale website, where I found my own supplier and negotiated with them (yes all transactions were in English) on the price and delivery. So they were about 20-60 cents each (depends on the size of the paper pom poms) inclusive of delivery. Just a note and tips, paper pom pom themselves were only about 4-5 cents, the rest is SHIPPING!!!! Of course, the more you order the less is the average.

I ordered about 300 the first time and realised that I need WAYYYYY more than 300, so I ordered another 1000, which was a complete over estimate. In this instance, I’d rather have too much than too little. So if anyone is interested in buying paper pom poms at about 60 cents each, feel free to contact me.

And is it all worth it? Should you attempt this yourself?

It took a long time, annnnnd it takes up a lot of space. We’re currently selling the backdrop and the net with the paper pom poms tied onto them becomes an enormous blanket, so it literally takes over half of my study room.

On top of that, it took a long time. Seriously, just ask my girl friends who were there days and nights helping me getting it all ready.

Knowing all this, I would still do it all over again because I love craft and making things. I had a 2 years engagement and the 1000 paper pom poms sure made it go by quickly! If you don’t like craft and you’re short on time, honey, save the money and trouble.

Table Numbers-1 copy

The other wedding DIY was table numbers. I saw from a blog somewhere that they painted a mini painting for each person and used it as a place card. Since my wedding was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, I thought it would be appropriate to use paintings are well. When I thought about doing a mini painting for everyone, I thought to myself: “That sh*t be cray!”. So it turned into paintings for table numbers looking like these:

LB-Table Numbers-3

LB-Table Numbers-2

I love painting, so it was so therapeutic sitting on the couch or the kitchen table painting. (Note: there will be a DIY post on this!) It was about $5 per table number and each took about 30 mins to make (excluding drying time).

So expect more posts on my wedding and don’t be surprised if I break this up into many tiny posts as oppose to one giant post. One day only talk about weddings for so long.


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