Happy Hump Day!

Since the moment I started caring about men’s fashion, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend amongst young, seemingly fashionable men; they would wear slim tailored suits (presumably made somewhere in Asia), and they would carry a Country Road canvas tote overnight bag.

First of all, I love Country Road. I would pretty much buy everything from them. Including the canvas tote, which I happen to have one in baby blue.

Secondly, I understand that sometimes, not everyone can afford a nice leather messenger bag from Gucci. So you use what you have, which happens to be a Country Road canvas tote bag.

Finally, in certain situations brief cases just won’t do. Some of us carry our phones and iPads to work; others have to carry a 15″inch laptop. So sure, Form Follows Function.

Then this seemingly random and whining post is set to reach out to those guys who has the means to buy nice stuff, yet choose to pair the lovely canvas tote bag with their beautifully tailored slim cut suit because they think it looks great together. No. I know you never asked for my opinion. But it gots go.

Trust me when I tell you this, it really doesn’t look great. Let me give you 3 other options:

Happy Hump Day!

Top to bottom: Messenger Bag $38.99 {Amazon}; Leather & Felt Backpack $1849 {Mr Porter}; Leather Backpack $401 {Mr Porter}.

See how I proposed the $401 backpack after showing you a Leather & Felt Backpack that costs $1849?? Now the $401 seems really reasonable doesn’t it?

While men find women who wear sneakers with suits totally confusing, I find the the suit with the overnight bag tote-lly confusing.  (I’m sorry about the pun, I just had to do it.)

If you agree with me, join the crusade to abolish this fashion faux pas. If you don’t, check out my other totally topical men’s fashion posts here.


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