N Y C : MoMA

After spending a number of years referencing the Museum of Modern Art throughout my architectural degree, no chance was I going to pass on the opportunity to go see this place when I was in New York.

And since our honeymoon was right after the wedding, naturally when I found out that MoMA offered free entry on Friday after 4pm, I pretty much planned my day around this.

Museum of Modern Art New York A review


Before heading to the museum, I did some basic research and found out that I should go a little early, because the usually there is a crowd since everyone has the same idea. So on the day, we got there 30 minutes earlier (I thought 30 minutes was very generous amount of time), and boy, was there a line.

It felt like I walked a block before reaching the end of the line.

Uniqlo free entry moma friday afternoon

When you get to the beginning of the line, you’re given a ticket (I’m assuming there are limited tickets?), which you have to show at the main staircase before going to the main gallery. Now, let me paint you a lovely picture: MoMA, one of the best museums in the world, opens late on a Friday night with free entry, which invites all the tourists and locals to this one amazing space. See what I’m getting at here?

Here are just a few shots I got:


MoMA New York City

moma new york city


moma new york city uniqlo free entry friday


Around certain areas are these openings, where they offer you a glimpse of what the other museum goers are doing.

Perhaps on another day, at another time, you’d catch a glimpse of a man contemplating in front of a painting; or a woman taking a picture of a sculpture.

The picture above was taken when I was standing on that 2nd bridge in the picture below. What’s interesting was standing on that stair case in the image above and looking back at the bridge, the people on those bottom level of the walkway have little to no idea how the next two levels will be. I was there, walking about and oblivious to what’s happening right above me.


moma new york city uniqlo free entry friday night

Some of the more famous work I saw included the Study for Bauhaus Stairway by Roy Lichtenstein; and the original Bauhaus Stairway by Oskar Schlemmer.

Study for Bauhaus Stairway MOMA NYC

Bauhaus Stairway


That was probably one of the first artwork introduced to me in university, and looking at this bring back a lot of memory.

And the rest of the museum did not disappoint. I saw a huge amount of renowned artwork that I’ve read or studied like these ones below.

Worhol Pollock paintings in MoMA NYC



And below, one of my personal favourite: Academy by Cy Twombly. I’ve yet to see Tate Modern which houses some of his better work (in my humble opinion), but nothing beats seeing the real thing.


I remember the first time I stumbled across Twombly’s Three studies from the Temeraire in Art Gallery of New South Wales here in Sydney, I think I gasped so loud that I scared the elderly couple quietly studying in the next room. I just couldn’t believe one of my favourite artist’s work is housed in one of my favourite gallery!

Another surprise was seeing work of Frank Lloyd Wright exhibited in MoMA.



What I loved the most was all the work in progress sketches. I always love the ‘behind the scene’ stuff. I find that always tells you a lot more about the thought process and the character of a person.

Even the work in progress sketches are meticulously drawn and labelled.FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT EXHIBITION MoMA NYCThe exhibition was definitely worth it. The whole museum is definitely worth it. We spent 3 hours and I can tell you that is not enough.


MoMA is a must see location if you are heading to New York city. If you have time and want to get the whole experience, I suggest for you to go during normal hours where there are a lot less people.

The thing is, the museum is enormous, and you should feel it that way. To arrive in a room where nothing but a 3m wide Pollock painting is completely overwhelmed by the number of people taking selfies in front of it.

If you are short on time and wouldn’t mind a free ticket into this amazing museum then make sure to get there earlier to line up. There are a bunch of other things you can do in NYC, for more details check is out here.



MoMA NYC concierge




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