Wedding: The Dress

The Dress

For almost all brides, one of the most important detail for your wedding day is the wedding dress. Let me give you a heads up, my dress doesn’t look anything like these.

Part 1: The Decision

At the beginning of the search, I was determined to buy a dress over the internet for a mere $250, probably made in China but I wasn’t too fussed. I’ve seen a friend who’s ordered a dress over the internet for her wedding, for less than that amount and it looked stunning. So I thought, maybe I can do the same?

The reason it looked stunning due to the thousands of layers, so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t great quality fabric because it was the train and the layers that was stunning. Down side of that? She had to get the bodice altered a big time because ordering it on the internet is NEVER fitting.

So after MONTHS, my mother who was a professional tailor decided that she won’t allow her only daughter to get married in $250 dress ordered online. So begins the second part of the journey.

Part 2: The Making

I knew exactly how I wanted it: It would have a structured bodice and very sheer lace top that covers my collar bone. The bottom half closely follow the lines of my hip before flaring out from just above my knee.

Wedding Dress

The original dress that inspired mine does not have the sheer lace, so it was a strapless dress. I’ve always been uncomfortable with wearing a strapless dress, mostly because I’m really skinny and believe it or not, I think I look even skinnier in a wedding dress. So I knew I had to have something that covers my collar bones.

modern simple wedding dress

We had a lot of difficulty in deciding what’s the best way for the lace to cover my shoulders. We tried it being under the bodice, but realised it would crease at very odd locations just above the bust. To give it a smooth look, we decided that the lace will have to cover the entire top bodice.

We used the most exquisite fabric & lace bought from Saigon Fabrics. They have a great range of wedding fabrics if you decided to custom make the dress.

modern wedding dress button detail

The most excruciating process (most likely for my mum), was to create the the buttons for the back of my dress. Each button was individually created then sewn on!!!

modern simple wedding dress

I couldn’t believe that my mum wrapped each buttons individually. On top of that, she did that within a week!!!!

wedding dress

Come wedding day, the difficult task of buttoning up was then up to my bridesmaids. (Thanks girls!)

Honestly, apart from those details, there really wasn’t much more to my dress. And here’s what it looks like overall.

little bennet wedding dress
At one point, we played with different lengths of the train. Since we decided not to make the bottom half of the dress too large, we felt we had to make it up with a train. More importantly, it helped the dress to sit much better on the floor.

Also, I would like to point out that trains of a white wedding gown get sooooo dirty. (I’m pretty sure it was dirty by the time I started taking photos with the family, which is right after the ceremony.)

Not sure how other people overcome this problem, but it obviously wasn’t a concern for me, but I can remember the first time I looked towards the back of my dress, I thought: “Oh somebody gotta bleach that sh*t.” It was positively a shade of dark grey.

Part 3: The details

But I had bigger things to worry about, like my expanding stomach. I don’t mean the “pregnant” kind of expanding, but my stomach expands extremely quickly after a meal. Sure I could exercise, tone up and get in shape for my wedding, but who’s got time for that stuff before a wedding. So I asked my mum to make me a peplum as a bandaid solution.

It was GREAT! I loved it. So much I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it with just about anything. Right before the reception started, I took off the veil and added this little peplum and it changed the mood for me completely.

peplum on wedding dress


wedding dress museum of contemporary art sydney wedding

Sure I could have included in the earlier part as well, but I decided I wanted a long silhouette for the ceremony (hence the long veil that you can see in the very last image of this post); and a more playful silhouette for the reception. For me, the added peplum definitely made me want to party.


Believe it or not, I found my wedding shoes from a factory outlet. On possibly the FIRST hour of the Ferragamo factory outlet opened (obviously the shoes were destined for me), I happened to be there and purchase this little gem. A number of people were surprised that I chose to wear flats but I have two good reasons:

1. My partner’s not tall and;
2. It’s sooooo comfortable.

wedding shoes

Sure, my ass would’ve looked better had I worn heels, but my feet would have been crying from pain.

Since the very beginning I wanted everything to be ‘me’. You might think that is not a hard thing to do, but when faced with so many choices and pretty things, I was so close to choosing other designs because I find them all so beautiful. So I would have gone with an all lace wedding dress, and a pair of Jimmy Choo, with possibly colourful invite I found online; but I stuck to my gut with everything I chose. Sure some things I compromised, but nothing that mattered a great deal to me.

One thing I’m really proud of is that every detail of the wedding – especially the wedding dress – has been crafted exactly how I imagined. This would not have been possible without my mother.

To give you an idea of how incredible she it, we bought the fabric just 2 WEEKS before the actual wedding, and trust me, even the shop assistant was shocked and VERY worried when they found out my wedding was 2 weeks away. But she always delivers.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have a mother who is a seamstress who dedicated 2 full weeks to the making of my wedding dress. More importantly, thank you for the support and your perseverance when you knew I didn’t have it. Thank you for all the things you said, and thank you for the things you didn’t say.

All the photos you’ve seen in this post have been taken by the dream husband-wife team: Tinker Photography. Only after having my own wedding that I realised the talented two captured those candid moments that was lost in the crowd. Like when my bridesmaid was busy fixing my dress and veil RIGHT before the ceremony. Or when we were taking our version of the Oscar Selfie. Or when one of my best friend was ducking from the bouquet as another male friend advantageously catches the bouquet…before handing it to the nearest girl…then walking away quietly.

Taking photos of people is difficult; you never know what YOU will do. Tinker Photography captured the most amazing candid shots that we will surely love to laugh at in a decade or two. And THAT is what you want from your wedding photography.

Thanks guys for being such a fantastic photographers, but thank you for just being such awesome friends!

wedding gown bridesmaids dress

*All the photos in this post were taken by Tinker Photography.*


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