Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!


This weekend I’ll be going down to Melbourne again; although it’s not my first time, I always find myself wanting to improve on the way I pack the essentials.

I find that I can almost compromise on the gear, that is, I can bring one less shirt, or one less jacket; there seems no way of getting around bringing the cleansers, the toners, the moisturisers, the eye cream, the serums, the makeup, the makeup remover….oh and there is all his stuff. So I thought I’d recommend the two things I’ve used and now find myself not being able to live without.

Girls: Perfume Sticks {A+R}

Atomisers are not exactly the newest thing, but these are simple too beautiful not to mention. I know Sephora actually sells roller ball perfume, but they may not have YOUR scent, so these sophisticated looking perfume sticks should keep you looking and smelling great.

Boys: Muji Travel Bottles {MUJI}

Since American Psycho, men are no longer limiting their grooming essentials to simple razor and soap; they too, have discovered that looking sharp will require more tools & help. These wonderful travel bottles will ensure no disruption to their grooming routine.


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