The Work Pants

Years ago, I’ve established a work look for myself, which derives from pure laziness. Conceptually it’s quite simple, navy suiting with a white shirt. Sounds easy to find? It isn’t.
It’s kinda of like looking for the perfect ‘Little Black Dress’. It takes YEARS.

I have a million ideas about what a perfect work outfit would have to be like; and I have seen thousands of great work outfit, but I always get stuck on the pants. I know what I want out of a jacket, not saying that’s an easy task but I’ve hunted that down already. Pants, however, is more difficult. Thing is, it took me a looooonnnnggg time to find out what my preferred shape for pant is. I always thought wide leg that cover your feet makes you look so much longer and taller. Like this one here:


Source via Pinterest

But let’s be honest, not all of us are fashion icons and sit front rows at fashion shows; so that means I probably can’t pull this look off as well as Miroslava. On top of that, I wear heels at work, but change to flats for my journey home. You only need to be walking home in the rain with wide leg pants ONCE to know it’s not always convenient and flattering.

How do you decide on something if it’s flattering or not?

Do you ever catch yourself in the reflection from a shop window, and think: ‘Holy sh*t! I look good!’ Then you turn around and look for someone to high5 and validate your new found confidence and realised no one gives?

Well, point of the story is to show that’s usually how I decide how I look in something. Let me make it clear that I don’t usually wear outrageous stuff and prance in front of shop windows just to make a decision on an outfit. I know I really don’t have any scientific references to this, but I think our brain doesn’t immediately register our reflection in the shop window as a true reflection of ourselves, so our immediate reaction to the reflection can be considered as the most genuine reaction.

So what do I want out of my the go-to of work pants? The if I really wanted to I can put a tee on with the pants and go for smart casual pants. To ensure I get absolutely what I want every time, I know I have a few requirements:

1. Must go well with construction boots, flats and heels
2. Can easily match with other shapes or types of clothing
3. Must not be too fitting to allow room for a big lunch
4. Must make legs look longer!!!!!

So this is how my perfect Work Look would look like:

The Work LookStella McCartney Velez Trouser £340.00 {Selfridges & Co}

A tailored jacket that sits JUST above the hip, and tapered pants ending at ankle length. Believe it or not, tapered pants at ankle length suits quite a number of body shapes. I find that it really can go with a variety of tops or shoes. It’s season and weather friendly.

While not everyone (me) has pockets deep enough to purchase those Velez Trousers above, there are so many options out there with similar style. I purchased mine from Zara few summers ago, and to this day I still think it’s my fail safe outfit. No regrets.

If you have never tried these shapes before, I must urge you to try these as soon as possible. It’s something that I’ve recommended to my own mother who is 3 size larger than me, who also would like to elongate her short and round frame.

work pants

1. Slacks $29.95 {H&M}; 2. Stitch Cigarette Trousers £22.00 {Topshop}; 3. Slim Pencil Pant $99.95 {Seed Heritage}
4. Sateen Full Length $99.95 {Witchery}; 5. Dannie Pant $127.90 {J.Crew}; 6. Double Cloth Pant $129.00 {Country Road}


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