NYFW Spring 2015: The looks I’m Ready to Wear tomorrow

Some people see the fact that we’re a season behind in fashion as a bad thing, I, being a little bit ‘special’ like to think the fashion week shows display what I should be in the next season. That is kinda happening the next week.

Take New York Fashion Week for example. Everyone is showing the Spring 2015 stuff, which is possible March or April next year. So while they’re showing the beautiful flowy dresses and the colourful designs, they really don’t hit the shelf until much later. Annnnnd, they hit the shelf always at terrible timing, like when people are still rotating on their turtle necks.

As Sydney slowly creeps into spring, I intend to wear those pieces on the runway early next week. Okay, maybe just a version of that; and thankfully, Spring 2015 shows are showing lots of silhouettes that I regularly wear.

NYFW spring 2014 RTW

Image Source

Some people might think these are extraordinarily boring; and they won’t be wrong. If you are as dedicated to a lean and curated wardrobe as I am, I can assure you these are the pieces worth investing in. You might not see them in the next season, or you might not see them in the next 24 seasons. Just you wait, they will remain as classics and forever flattering. If in doubt, wear one of those, but in black.

Although it hasn’t ended, you can follow all the shows at none other than Vogue.com. To go to the specific images, go straight to my Pinterest board to find the individual looks.


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