London : Afternoon Tea

English people have tea. And one mustn’t think that tea is just TEA. It’s an event, an art form, a culture and above all a necessity. Well, when in London.

Truthfully, I hardly gave Sketch London a thought since the moment I booked it. You wouldn’t think it’s anything more than a place with comfy seats and delicate crockery but it is so much more. 


Sketch is almost like an art gallery that services food. A concept realised by chef Mourad ‘Momo’ Mazouz and his team of talents, an 18th century 9 Conduit St was converted into a combination of art, food and music. 

 From the moment I stepped into the building I was already overwhelmed by the art work in the hall way. And once I was led downstairs I was immediately drawn to the exotic and completely ornate rooms. 


It’s not a coincident that they decorated this entire room in a nature green theme, just as I was standing there I could feel a wave of pink surrounding me.


They had the loveliest pink velvet chairs that reminded me of the sponge fingers, and an extensive wall art by David Shrigley, which includes 239 frames of witty and funny sketches.

Even the crockery was trying to say something. You can purchase these handmade gems. You’re looking £100 for four tea cups and saucers. Not cheap, but neither are work of art.
These copper lamps and champagne glasses are exactly what I need at home.


And then there’s the food.  

 Here’s the thing, every single time before I enjoy afternoon or high teas like these, I always think there are so little food. These tiny cakes and sandwiches ain’t ever gonna fill this belly up! But every time I walk out of the place and feeling so stuffed that I feel like my belly is about to explode.

Everything is delicious. My special favourite is eclair that I think is hazelnut in case anyone is wondering.

We were fortunate enough to be seated next to the bar, and this picture should sum up the bar pretty well.


There is so much gold, copper and brass in here I was practically delirious with happiness. 

Now, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t ever mention the bathroom in a post like this. I’m going to make this post an exception. I knew I had to post about the bathroom about at the time when the lovely staff who directed me towards the bathroom and said ‘Take your camera.’

The first thing you would notice when going towards the bathroom is how prestine it is. It’s curved stairs is white. Blindingly white.
Just as you get mesmerised by the colourful glass tiles in the ceiling, you arrive at the bathroom complete with duck nest and eggs.
Each egg is a cubical and there isn’t a clear men and women, so I think it’s safe to assume it’s unisex.   


 Not only is the whole environment feels so far removed from the usual public bathrooms, there is even a staffed dressed up like a French maiden directing you. 

I thought it’s only appropriate to end this photo with a photo of me Instagramming, because that’s what I was doing the whole time I wasn’t eating or photographing. 

If you want afternoon tea just for food, go somewhere else. I’m sure you can find cheaper food elsewhere. But if you want an experience of food and art, all within a couple of wonderous hours, go to Sketch. You won’t regret it.


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