Packing for Europe

packing for europe trip


There is no doubt packing for travel is a fine art.
Everyone has a way of packing for travels and I always love to read or hear about how people do it; you never know what kind of great ideas you’ll pick up.

I have to say I really admire people who travel in a carry-on, and I’m not talking about a night away, I’m talking about 2-3 weeks long holiday. And if that’s how you want to travel then I’d suggest for you go take a look at Oh Happy Day for inspiration. For me, this trip isn’t just to a single destination and it isn’t just site seeing; the things that I pack have to work for me in temperature as low as 4 degrees Celsius, and as high as 23 degrees Celsius. Not only that, it needs to work for a wedding in Bergen and hiking in Iceland. As you may have figured out by the image above, I’ll be hitting 7 cities within 29 days and it’ll include a wedding in Bergen, a campervan trip around Iceland and a dinner at the famous NOMA in Copenhagen.

Thankfully, my work has been halved thanks to my travelling uniform. When I say ‘uniform’, I meant sets of outfits that I’d take regardless of where I go; they usually include pair of jeans, white shirt, white tee shirt, little black dress and a pair of flats. I try to bring items for the predictable weather, for everything else there’s MasterCard. (OMG I’ve been waiting to use that for so long!)
I’ve always liked the idea of landing with 2 empty suitcase and a pair of undies; then just purchase everything I need when I land. But sometimes it’s near impossible trying to find a long coat within 1 hour on a budget. Especially in places like Iceland, do you really want to hunt for a waterproof jacket instead of walking the glacier or getting pampered IN the Blue Lagoon????

So here are just a list of the things I’ll be bringing and the tips I’ve received from my friends.

packing list for europe in autumn

1. Trench Coat : Don’t even both to use the umbrella in London. There’s a reason why Burberry makes trench and it’s from England.
Try this trench from ASOS.

2. Coat : For dressy times like the wedding or my fancy dinner.
Try this coat from The Outnet.

3. Waterproof Jacket : Two friends who returned from Helsinki suggested that wearing a waterproof jacket is a MUST. Not water resistant jacket, but a waterproof one. It’ll all make sense when the rain flies horizontally towards your face.
Try this jacket from Amazon.

4. Shearling Jacket : I’ve trialed this in the Shanghai winter and it’s a life saver. I can’t go back.
Try this jacket from Neiman Marcus.

5. Black Blazer : You always need one. Ask Emmanuelle Alt.
Try any black blazer in Zara.

6. Navy Blazer : Part of my travel uniform and see above. Although I am considering culling this one and just take the black blazer. Need more time to consider.
Try any navy blazer in Zara.

7. Blue Smart Casual Dress Shirt : Part of my travel uniform.
Wouldn’t try any other than Uniqlo.

8. White Dress Shirt : Part of my travel uniform and I’d probably purchase another one when I’m there.
I get mine from Charles Tyrwhitt. Great quality and I can wear them without a slip.

9. Stripe Shirt : Who goes to Paris and NOT wear a stripe shirt? Lots of people. But this is my travel uniform.
Try this from Charles Tyrwhitt.

10. Long Sleeve White Shirt : I wear this out and as an undershirt. Also my travel uniform.
Try this basic shirt from Forever21.

11. White Tee Shirt : Should be self explanatory.
Try this basic shirt from Forever21.

12. Black Sweater : Just as versatile as my white shirt / tee.
Try this sweater from Country Road.

13. Grey Sweater : Similarly versatile, part of my travel uniform.
Try this sweater from Witchery.

14. Black Cardigan : I purchased mine from Zara men. It’s wonderfully oversized and warm substitute for a large coat.
Try this from Uniqlo.

15. Grey Turtleneck Sweater : If you too thinks wearing turtleneck is like someone really weak choking you throughout the day, then disregard this. If you don’t mind and would love to wear turtlenecks instead of wearing scarf and sweater, then carry on.
Try this from The Outnet.

16. Wrap Dress : Or any dress that looks flattering on you. Doesn’t have to be black or wrap. Just, a dress that makes you feel good. Also room around the waist to allow for rapid expansion of the mid-region of my body during a nice meal at NOMA.
Try this dress from

17. Black Trousers : Like a black jacket. I intend to wear this with my black jacket at the wedding instead of a dress. But then it can be dressed down with a white shirt and a pair of grey sneakers.
Try this pair from

18. Black Tights : Let me make this very clear, I don’t wear this under a dress. Ever. It’s just a pair of thick skin tight pants or jegging.
Try this exact pair from Uniqlo.

19. Jeans : Believe it or not I don’t wear jeans that often, but it’s definitely a travel essential.
Try this pair from Seed Heritage.

20. White Pencil Skirt : Why white? Why pencil skirt? Because it’s feels a little more formal and less work than black.
Try this skirt from Saks Fifth Ave.

21. Swimsuit : From my research there are lots of natural hot springs around Iceland. I intend to visit them.
Try this from Anthropologie.

22. Black Flats : I wouldn’t know what to do without them. Another usual suspect of the travel essential team.
Try this from Shopbop.

23. Ankle Boots : So comfortable and stylish. Not my usual travel essential, but I’d take it with me when I travel to cold places.
Try this from Witchery.

24. Grey Sneakers : Biggest steal, that I got this pair from Target for $5. Usually I’d take an old pair of comfy shoes and wear it now during the trip, where I’d throw away just before I head home.
You can get a pair too!

25. Black Heels : Some people can get away with dressy flats, but I can’t imagine going to a Hen’s party in Berlin without heels. So I’ve opted for a pair of worn and comfy black heels and as oppose to a pair of sky-high neon pink pump.
Try this from Net-a-porter.

26. Large Blanket Scarf : This scarf saved me from the winter chill of Tokyo. I found it in a boutique shop somewhere in Tokyo and I’m hoping it’ll save me again from the winter chill of Bergen & Iceland. I could use this as a blanket if I really wanted to, that’s how big and thick it is.
Try this from Net-a-porter.

27. Grey Knit Scarf : Wrapping yourself inside a blanket isn’t a solution to everything. I’m thinking of dropping this one, since I’d probably survive with the blanket in the early part of the trip.
Try this from H&M.

28. Black Gloves : Stylish & practical. The only downside is we can’t take use our iPhones without taking it off!
Try this from The Outnet.

29. Beanie / Hat : I’m totally a hat person. I try to bring location appropriate hats with me. Considering I’m heading to mostly cold climate cities, I opted for a beanie.
Try this cap from Country Road if beanie isn’t your thing.

30. Belt : Something that goes well over your jackets, cardi, scarf or dress.
Try this from Country Road.

31. Carry All Tote : Sometimes, it’s just easier to throw it all in and go. This is the bag I bring on the plane, so it’s include all the I intend to get one soft enough so it can be a pillow, too.
Try this from Ever Lane.

32. Dressy Bag : This could be a clutch, a shoulder bag, a mini tote. Whatever that you use for a fancy dinner and it’s not entirely necessary.
Try this from Net-a-porter.

33. Everyday Bag : This could be a back pack, a small shoulder bag or in my case, a small tote. It’s whatever you’d use for your daily travels.
Try this from Longchamp.


Summer Wedding Outfit

sydney summer wedding outfit

Spring & summer are usually are popular seasons for weddings in almost anywhere in the world; plus in the southern hemisphere we are about to experience an overwhelming amount of merriness and festivity with the coming of CHRISTMAS, so everyone is in party mode by the middle of October.

So being in late spring and knowing the wedding would be a garden wedding with no cover, I opted for a head to toe cover.

You may or may not know, the sun is really quite harsh and it does loads of damage to your skin. While putting on sun screen is a start, you also need to be really smart about how you cover up. Long sleeve and pants may not be your first choice on a hot sunny day, but it certainly is the most logical. So I decided I need to keep my pants long and the fabric thin, my brims wide and the my body proportion long. So I arrived at this outfit.

Told you you’d see more pretentious posing.

sydney outdoor wedding outfit

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Chinese Whispers: Cross The Line

You may or may not know about next year’s theme for the fashion’s night of all night, The Met Gala has been chosen. And it happens to be Chinese Whispers. Motifs of Chinese designs have been used by numerous designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, who are obviously the avant-gardes of the fashion industry.

You might already know the American Chinese fashion designers like Jason Wu, Derek Lam, Vera Wang and Alexander Wang; but today I’m going to be introducing two designers who are the emerging new Chinese designers, born and raised in China.


blind by JW cross the line



These two talented designers have been featured in a new Hong Kong based website called Cross the Line, where you could find other emerging Chinese designers and their collection.

NYFW Spring 2015: The looks I’m Ready to Wear tomorrow

Some people see the fact that we’re a season behind in fashion as a bad thing, I, being a little bit ‘special’ like to think the fashion week shows display what I should be in the next season. That is kinda happening the next week.

Take New York Fashion Week for example. Everyone is showing the Spring 2015 stuff, which is possible March or April next year. So while they’re showing the beautiful flowy dresses and the colourful designs, they really don’t hit the shelf until much later. Annnnnd, they hit the shelf always at terrible timing, like when people are still rotating on their turtle necks.

As Sydney slowly creeps into spring, I intend to wear those pieces on the runway early next week. Okay, maybe just a version of that; and thankfully, Spring 2015 shows are showing lots of silhouettes that I regularly wear.

NYFW spring 2014 RTW

Image Source

Some people might think these are extraordinarily boring; and they won’t be wrong. If you are as dedicated to a lean and curated wardrobe as I am, I can assure you these are the pieces worth investing in. You might not see them in the next season, or you might not see them in the next 24 seasons. Just you wait, they will remain as classics and forever flattering. If in doubt, wear one of those, but in black.

Although it hasn’t ended, you can follow all the shows at none other than To go to the specific images, go straight to my Pinterest board to find the individual looks.

Happy Hump Day!

Since the moment I started caring about men’s fashion, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend amongst young, seemingly fashionable men; they would wear slim tailored suits (presumably made somewhere in Asia), and they would carry a Country Road canvas tote overnight bag.

First of all, I love Country Road. I would pretty much buy everything from them. Including the canvas tote, which I happen to have one in baby blue.

Secondly, I understand that sometimes, not everyone can afford a nice leather messenger bag from Gucci. So you use what you have, which happens to be a Country Road canvas tote bag.

Finally, in certain situations brief cases just won’t do. Some of us carry our phones and iPads to work; others have to carry a 15″inch laptop. So sure, Form Follows Function.

Then this seemingly random and whining post is set to reach out to those guys who has the means to buy nice stuff, yet choose to pair the lovely canvas tote bag with their beautifully tailored slim cut suit because they think it looks great together. No. I know you never asked for my opinion. But it gots go.

Trust me when I tell you this, it really doesn’t look great. Let me give you 3 other options:

Happy Hump Day!

Top to bottom: Messenger Bag $38.99 {Amazon}; Leather & Felt Backpack $1849 {Mr Porter}; Leather Backpack $401 {Mr Porter}.

See how I proposed the $401 backpack after showing you a Leather & Felt Backpack that costs $1849?? Now the $401 seems really reasonable doesn’t it?

While men find women who wear sneakers with suits totally confusing, I find the the suit with the overnight bag tote-lly confusing.  (I’m sorry about the pun, I just had to do it.)

If you agree with me, join the crusade to abolish this fashion faux pas. If you don’t, check out my other totally topical men’s fashion posts here.

Incredibly Stylish Toddlers

You know, I’ve never really been into kids. I mean, I find them cute if they have chubby cheeks and will possibly entertain them for about 30 seconds and that is about it….However, about 10 minutes ago I found myself ALMOST repinning this RIDICULOUSLY stylish kid onto my Pinterest Board. But I wasn’t repinning it onto my special ‘Kids Fashion’ because I don’t have one of those, but I was so so close to repinning them to MY STYLE board.

Stylish KidsImage Source

That may not mean much to those who don’t use Pinterest. Essentially what it meant was that I was taking fashion advice from a 5 YEAR OLD!!!

Nay, I wasn’t just taking advice from her, I was LEARNING from her. Of course I knew that there is no wayyyyyyyyyy that kid dressed herself, it’s obviously her stylish mum or dad, but toddlers are not suppose dress that well!!???!!!! I’m thinking their clothes should be stained with chocolate ice cream and saliva, possibly just getting used to wearing shoes….NOT SILVER STUD LOAFERS!!! Of which I would lurrrvvvvv hate to have!

And look at her, she’s got a string as a skinny belt. Ladies, this is what I’m talking about: This 5 year old has proportion down pat.

So I searched ‘Stylish kids’ and to my surprise, apparently I’ve been living under a rock or something. These stylish toddlers have been roaming the earth for quite some time.

I’ve attached some images so you can feel sorry for yourself like I have……

kids with stylesImage Source: 1, 2, 3, 4.


Okay, I’m generally late to the game. Most people might think loafers are like sooooo 2012, well, I was like soooo young and tender back then I really didn’t know what’s good for me. Well, now that most people are kind of over it, I think it’s time for me to step in.

Since that time a random lady claimed I looked 17, I have been trying VERY hard to look the part. Ya know, because #YOLO. And I consider loafers to be kinda and sorta mature looking; a type of shoes I’d associate grandmas (I KNOW I’m not the only one out there who thinks like that!!).

Well, it’s either I’ve gotten used to them, or those shop assistant in Zara has made them HOT. Thankfully, they are still around for us dorky kids to purchase.



Zara: Soft Slipper {US$69.90}; H&M: Loafers {HK$149};
Witchery: Blair Loafer {AUS $149.95}; Harrods: Kitty Flat {£545.00}

Jenna Lyons’s Office



I am always fascinated by how a creative mind works. The thought process and general inspiration.

While I’m used to visual stimulants while I was studying architecture back in university, when I’m at work however, I always feel sticking pictures anywhere and everywhere feels kinda kiddish. 

But don’t worry, that never stopped me sticking a picture of Ben Barnes!!!!

Well, now you and I finally get a glimpse of the working life of a genius: Jenna Lyons. I’ve shown you her home before, now you get to see her work. I feel I know her personally.

Click on the image below to take you to the full 360° panoramic of her office. Trust me. It’s worth your time.


Jenna Lyons's office

J crew jenna lyons office


jenna lyons office table


Images taken from here via Apartment Therapy.

Bloody Expensive Accessories

Sometimes I look at things I cannot afford. Like Cartier, Hermes, the room in Hotel San Regis.

Le Sigh.

Well, that’s why I often waste my days on 1stdibs thinking about what happens when I win that $60 million jackpot….

EXPENSIVE ACCESSORIESLeft to right, top to bottom.

Hermes Vintage Silk Scarf: $630

Victorian French FONTANA Emerald Diamond Wasp Pin: $46,000

Art Deco CARTIER Diamond Sapphire & Platinum Bangle Bracelet $65,000

Hermes Birkin Bag 35cm Matte Pink Crocodile Pink Bougenville Por $84,999

Chanel “China Doll” Handbag $23,500

VAN CLEEF & ARPELS NEW YORK Emerald and Diamond Brooch $72,000

35cm Hermès Shiny Braise Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag Handbag $98,500

CHANEL Runway Hula Hoop bag VERY Limited Edition S/S 2013 NWT $14,990