Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

I’d like to think I have a little bit of a green thumb, I mean a little bit because I’ve only killed 2 plants in the last year and I consider that a win.

Now I’m in the process of actually combining all my little terrariums together (and when I say ‘in the process’, I’m at a contemplative stage), which means I’m on the lookout for some very interesting terrariums and planters. I think either one of those can work. I’ve seen the bottom terrarium in real life, and it’s AMAZING. It’s such an organic shape it’s my preferred terrarium right now.

Top: Miniature Concrete Planter {A+R}

Bottom: Wood + Glass Terrarium {West Elm}


NYFW Spring 2015: The looks I’m Ready to Wear tomorrow

Some people see the fact that we’re a season behind in fashion as a bad thing, I, being a little bit ‘special’ like to think the fashion week shows display what I should be in the next season. That is kinda happening the next week.

Take New York Fashion Week for example. Everyone is showing the Spring 2015 stuff, which is possible March or April next year. So while they’re showing the beautiful flowy dresses and the colourful designs, they really don’t hit the shelf until much later. Annnnnd, they hit the shelf always at terrible timing, like when people are still rotating on their turtle necks.

As Sydney slowly creeps into spring, I intend to wear those pieces on the runway early next week. Okay, maybe just a version of that; and thankfully, Spring 2015 shows are showing lots of silhouettes that I regularly wear.

NYFW spring 2014 RTW

Image Source

Some people might think these are extraordinarily boring; and they won’t be wrong. If you are as dedicated to a lean and curated wardrobe as I am, I can assure you these are the pieces worth investing in. You might not see them in the next season, or you might not see them in the next 24 seasons. Just you wait, they will remain as classics and forever flattering. If in doubt, wear one of those, but in black.

Although it hasn’t ended, you can follow all the shows at none other than Vogue.com. To go to the specific images, go straight to my Pinterest board to find the individual looks.

Happy Hump Day! (Real vs Fake)

It’s no secret that I worship Stella McCartney like the design goddess she is. So after studying all her stuff inside out, it wasn’t hard for me to see the resemblance between a Witchery bag and the original Falabella shoulder bag. Happy Hump Day!


Top: Alexa Drawstring Bag $99.95 {Witchery}
Bottom: Falabella Shoulder Bag US$1,000.00 {Stella McCartney}

I can say a LOT about this, but I’m going to keep it simple and short. Even though the Witchery bag is one tenth of the price for this particular bag. It won’t deter me from purchasing a real Stella bag.

Stylish Home

Before I got married, one of the things I really wanted to try was to live by myself for a reasonable period of time and decorate my own place. Sadly, it’s one of those things that I don’t think I’ll ever get to do.

So once in a while, I dream about how I would decorate and what I would do. And this place, gets it so right for all the places, makes me want to throw everything out and do it all again.

Bed End



Is it me or did they change the mirror to a painting between the 3 pictures above?

I love the combination of black, white & gold in the entry below. I think it’s a perfect combination of masculinity and femininity. I tend to like masculine furniture paired with feminine accessories, and by feminine accessories I mean GOLD!!!


Stylish home Entry

I love large abstract paintings in dinning areas. It could completely change the mood of an otherwise boring and utility focused room. In the dining room below,  the painting on the right perfectly juxtaposes with the exposed brick wall on the left.


Living Room3

Look at the chair! Look at the vase! And the green & gold table in the background!!!! Oh I could die.

Living Room

Living Room 2Source


N Y C : MoMA

After spending a number of years referencing the Museum of Modern Art throughout my architectural degree, no chance was I going to pass on the opportunity to go see this place when I was in New York.

And since our honeymoon was right after the wedding, naturally when I found out that MoMA offered free entry on Friday after 4pm, I pretty much planned my day around this.

Museum of Modern Art New York A review


Before heading to the museum, I did some basic research and found out that I should go a little early, because the usually there is a crowd since everyone has the same idea. So on the day, we got there 30 minutes earlier (I thought 30 minutes was very generous amount of time), and boy, was there a line.

It felt like I walked a block before reaching the end of the line.

Uniqlo free entry moma friday afternoon

When you get to the beginning of the line, you’re given a ticket (I’m assuming there are limited tickets?), which you have to show at the main staircase before going to the main gallery. Now, let me paint you a lovely picture: MoMA, one of the best museums in the world, opens late on a Friday night with free entry, which invites all the tourists and locals to this one amazing space. See what I’m getting at here?

Here are just a few shots I got:


MoMA New York City

moma new york city


moma new york city uniqlo free entry friday


Around certain areas are these openings, where they offer you a glimpse of what the other museum goers are doing.

Perhaps on another day, at another time, you’d catch a glimpse of a man contemplating in front of a painting; or a woman taking a picture of a sculpture.

The picture above was taken when I was standing on that 2nd bridge in the picture below. What’s interesting was standing on that stair case in the image above and looking back at the bridge, the people on those bottom level of the walkway have little to no idea how the next two levels will be. I was there, walking about and oblivious to what’s happening right above me.


moma new york city uniqlo free entry friday night

Some of the more famous work I saw included the Study for Bauhaus Stairway by Roy Lichtenstein; and the original Bauhaus Stairway by Oskar Schlemmer.

Study for Bauhaus Stairway MOMA NYC

Bauhaus Stairway


That was probably one of the first artwork introduced to me in university, and looking at this bring back a lot of memory.

And the rest of the museum did not disappoint. I saw a huge amount of renowned artwork that I’ve read or studied like these ones below.

Worhol Pollock paintings in MoMA NYC



And below, one of my personal favourite: Academy by Cy Twombly. I’ve yet to see Tate Modern which houses some of his better work (in my humble opinion), but nothing beats seeing the real thing.


I remember the first time I stumbled across Twombly’s Three studies from the Temeraire in Art Gallery of New South Wales here in Sydney, I think I gasped so loud that I scared the elderly couple quietly studying in the next room. I just couldn’t believe one of my favourite artist’s work is housed in one of my favourite gallery!

Another surprise was seeing work of Frank Lloyd Wright exhibited in MoMA.



What I loved the most was all the work in progress sketches. I always love the ‘behind the scene’ stuff. I find that always tells you a lot more about the thought process and the character of a person.

Even the work in progress sketches are meticulously drawn and labelled.FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT EXHIBITION MoMA NYCThe exhibition was definitely worth it. The whole museum is definitely worth it. We spent 3 hours and I can tell you that is not enough.


MoMA is a must see location if you are heading to New York city. If you have time and want to get the whole experience, I suggest for you to go during normal hours where there are a lot less people.

The thing is, the museum is enormous, and you should feel it that way. To arrive in a room where nothing but a 3m wide Pollock painting is completely overwhelmed by the number of people taking selfies in front of it.

If you are short on time and wouldn’t mind a free ticket into this amazing museum then make sure to get there earlier to line up. There are a bunch of other things you can do in NYC, for more details check is out here.



MoMA NYC concierge



Gold | Copper | Brass

These days I’m so into Gold | Copper | Brass things it’s starting to scare ME.

Firstly, I blame it on the amazing interior designer Emily Henderson. I’m about 300% certain I’m now obsessed because of her crazy styling.
(Check out this makeover!!)
Half the stigma with gold is the fact that Chinese people (me being one of them) have this reputation that we love to have gold on absolutely everything, which could makes gold look tacky.
I much prefer using it in a monochrome colour space such as this one below:

gold highlights in the kitchen

Image Source

The gold is used as an accent and it’s far more effective when it’s juxtaposed with neutral colours.

No doubt, I’ve been very tempted to start decorating all the rooms that I occupy with small items of gold/brass/copper. So, a while back I bought a brass pen holder from one of my favourite Australian brand Country Road shown below. I think when I saw it I almost fainted from pure excitement. I don’t remember much, but I remember seeing it in the shop, then cut straight to the moment when I put it in the office and stare at it for a good 2 minutes.

Did I pay for the pen holder? Nobody knows.
If I did pay for it, do I regret spending $40 on this pen holder? Absolutely no. No regrets. None.

brass pen holder

Sadly, it’s not available anymore (because I would probably buy another to have at home), but there are plenty of brass/copper/gold desk accessories out there.
I’m so digging the copper boxes….

Brass Copper Gold

Brass: Pencil Holder $48 {Anthropologie}; Copper: Desk Collection $12-$32 {Anthropologie}; Gold: Pen Holder $9.95 {Typo}.

As if that’s not enough, I’ve dedicated an entire Pinterest board to my love for those three materials.

Pinterest Page

Pinterest Board: Gold | Copper | Brass

What’s really scary though, is these colours are starting to seep into my board for Kitchen & Bathroom.

So, friends. All I ask of you is to be supportive in these difficult times. If I run out of the shop holding the gold pen holders then just pay for it first, so nobody ends up in jail for shop lifting.

How They’re Made

Alright kids. There is no doubt I’m a curious about EVERYTHING. Like sometimes I sit at the sushi train restaurant and think about how fast can the sushi train can go.

Yeah. I get bored.

But knowledge is POWER. So I’m going to give you a good dose of power by giving you answers to the questions you have never bothered to ask. Like…..How are balloons made? How are mirrors made?

Okay, so none of these things explores any craftsmanship or a dying skill (well the Pointe Shoes is pretty amazing), they show how an everyday item is mass produced. But don’t you want to know anyway?

You’re welcome.

How are Balloons made?

How are Lipsticks made?

How are Mirrors made?

How are Pointe Shoes made?

How are Light Bulbs made?

Wedding: The Backdrop

photo 1

It’s not a tradition of mine to start a blog post with an unrepeatable anecdote, so I will start now.

Pinterest, as you know is practically my Bible. I look at that shit religiously. So, no doubt I noticed when they asked me a question and get you to type in the answer so they’ll find you some amazing images like they have TODAY.
My question was along the line of “What is your idea of a fun outdoor activity?”. Well, it’s been raining pretty heavily in Sydney over the last few days and with little to no thought, I wrote down my first and a very genuine answer: “Running like wild goose in the rain.”

Pinterest returned my search with this line:
“We couldn’t find any results for ‘Running like wild goose in the rain‘, but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers or Pasta!”
Of course not Pinterest. Of course you couldn’t find any results because I doubt anyone else thinks running like wild goose in the rain is a fun outdoor activity….no.

So……..wedding prep eh?

Since the very beginning I’ve been looking for 1-2 materials/colours to use at the wedding and ONLY those. Then I decided it needs to be cheap and DIY-able, so here is my philosophy on using cheap materials:
Go big or go home, because lots of anything will always make an impression. After weeks or possibly months of ferocious research of paper backdrops I came across a few designs that made an impression on me.

One of the first idea I went to was using various geometric shapes like the first one below (I luurrvvvv geometric shapes, just check out this Pinterest board). Making these geo shapes won’t be too hard if you have a template, which I know you can find in this magical land of world wide web, but it will require drawing, and cutting and …..other stuff. More importantly though, hanging these shapes will be problematic, same with the last one that uses cones. Although, if you have opportunity to hang them, the cones will be much easier to make than the geo shapes.

wedding backdrop ideasImage Source: 1, 2, 3.

The confetti image gave me an idea that instead of using various different things and put it together, I could colour a large panel of fabric. However, it’s not as flattering as something that has a 3 dimensional quality.

And then I saw this.

The pom pom factoryImage Source

Okay, maybe I won’t be able to recreate that exactly, but I love the way the paper pom poms just creeps up on the stair case. More importantly, I love the way these paper pom poms just gathers together. In fact, it looks just like the bottom of a Vera Wang wedding gown. Ahhhhhhh……

So, I started making my very own. It might just be a work in process, but you can kind of see where I’m going with this.

wedding ceremony backdrop

And honestly, I’m LOVING the making of this backdrop. I can’t believe how fun it is to make this thing. Reminds me of my days in university making one of my models.
I mean, it takes a LOT of my time and there just seems to be a never ending amount of paper pom poms to make, but it’s all about the journey right? Anyway, I can’t stop making these.

We can’t stooop

And we won’t stooooop….until I finish making this large ass backdrop

I’ll update you guys a little later on the net and framing that I’m using. Can’t give everything away in one go.


It’s completed! And I love it soooo much. See how it turned out in this post.