DIY Wishlist

DIY wishlistI love DIYs. I’m pretty sure half the blogs I’ve bookmarked are due to their DIY blog posts.
Honestly, I could DIY pretty much everything as long as it’s not too hard. Well, boys and girls, I found some pretty awesome items for you and I to try out this weekend, and guess what, they look totally do-able.

Clear your weekend guys, these are the ones to try!

Concrete Paperweight via Design Sponge

Flower Soap via Free People Blog

Ombre Plant Pot via Carnets Parisiens


Wedding: The Backdrop

photo 1

It’s not a tradition of mine to start a blog post with an unrepeatable anecdote, so I will start now.

Pinterest, as you know is practically my Bible. I look at that shit religiously. So, no doubt I noticed when they asked me a question and get you to type in the answer so they’ll find you some amazing images like they have TODAY.
My question was along the line of “What is your idea of a fun outdoor activity?”. Well, it’s been raining pretty heavily in Sydney over the last few days and with little to no thought, I wrote down my first and a very genuine answer: “Running like wild goose in the rain.”

Pinterest returned my search with this line:
“We couldn’t find any results for ‘Running like wild goose in the rain‘, but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers or Pasta!”
Of course not Pinterest. Of course you couldn’t find any results because I doubt anyone else thinks running like wild goose in the rain is a fun outdoor activity….no.

So…… prep eh?

Since the very beginning I’ve been looking for 1-2 materials/colours to use at the wedding and ONLY those. Then I decided it needs to be cheap and DIY-able, so here is my philosophy on using cheap materials:
Go big or go home, because lots of anything will always make an impression. After weeks or possibly months of ferocious research of paper backdrops I came across a few designs that made an impression on me.

One of the first idea I went to was using various geometric shapes like the first one below (I luurrvvvv geometric shapes, just check out this Pinterest board). Making these geo shapes won’t be too hard if you have a template, which I know you can find in this magical land of world wide web, but it will require drawing, and cutting and …..other stuff. More importantly though, hanging these shapes will be problematic, same with the last one that uses cones. Although, if you have opportunity to hang them, the cones will be much easier to make than the geo shapes.

wedding backdrop ideasImage Source: 1, 2, 3.

The confetti image gave me an idea that instead of using various different things and put it together, I could colour a large panel of fabric. However, it’s not as flattering as something that has a 3 dimensional quality.

And then I saw this.

The pom pom factoryImage Source

Okay, maybe I won’t be able to recreate that exactly, but I love the way the paper pom poms just creeps up on the stair case. More importantly, I love the way these paper pom poms just gathers together. In fact, it looks just like the bottom of a Vera Wang wedding gown. Ahhhhhhh……

So, I started making my very own. It might just be a work in process, but you can kind of see where I’m going with this.

wedding ceremony backdrop

And honestly, I’m LOVING the making of this backdrop. I can’t believe how fun it is to make this thing. Reminds me of my days in university making one of my models.
I mean, it takes a LOT of my time and there just seems to be a never ending amount of paper pom poms to make, but it’s all about the journey right? Anyway, I can’t stop making these.

We can’t stooop

And we won’t stooooop….until I finish making this large ass backdrop

I’ll update you guys a little later on the net and framing that I’m using. Can’t give everything away in one go.


It’s completed! And I love it soooo much. See how it turned out in this post.

DIY + Wedding: The paper pom pom on tree branch

For the past week I’ve been thinking very hard about the table decoration for the wedding. I’m leaning towards the baby’s breath shown in this post, but my bf seems to be leaning towards this look:

Wedding table decoration ideas

Well, in the same post, I mentioned about an exhibition created by the Pom Poms factory where they used pink pom poms as cherry blossoms and it looked Ah-mazing.


So I thought, why not try that? And I did. So here is the work in progress:


I think it’s 5 out of 10, for few reasons.

1. Branch is not thick and dynamic enough. It angles in such odd ways but that’s all that could find in the park;

2. I think a longer round glass vase would work better for this type of decoration as oppose to a small rectangular vase;

3. Last but not least, there needs to be MORE POM POMS.

But you know, this girl has got other things to do….like watching movies and napping. Anyway, here is my journey photographed.

how to make paper pom poms instructions

So I first cut them up into small rectangles about 5cm x 10cm, then folded them like a fan. To help me tie it together I used a peg, and then tied it together using those sandwich bag wires.

pom pom instructions

Then I opened up on both sides of the fan, to pull each tissue towards the centre.

Well, here are the 2 lessons I learnt:


My tissue paper was so think and brittle when I pull it towards the centre I kept tearing off pieces of it.


To give the really dense look that peonies and the Pom Pom factory had, I thought I’ll just use LOTS AND LOTS of paper. Well, it was so much that I couldn’t pull towards the centre as a result of the crease and it kept tearing.

Below: Fail.


Frustrated by the lack of cooperation coming from the paper flower, I decided to cut my loss. So I took out all the damaged paper and reduced to half of what I originally had:

paper pom pom failures

Luckily, it was a GREAT decision and this is what I came up with:

paper pom poms

Yes, it looks like a scrunched up tissue. But it’s MY scrunched up tissue. Following this success, I tried with some pink paper pom poms which I ordered online:

pink paper peonies

Looks better than the white eh?

The great thing about the pink one is that it was obviously done by a professional company, so they had better tissue paper and longer wires. So pulling each tissue apart was much easier than that of the white (which was truly DIY). On top of that, I made a larger pink pom pom which I then used scissors to trim down. Actually, you should really think about that if you decide to create a much more realistic and organic paper pom pom.

I found that when I trimmed it down, it looked more realistic because real flowers are never neat and straight edged. They all had their own little flaws, so my quick trimming gave the pom pom a little life.

how to make paper pom poms

Will I be using this at the wedding? I’m not sure. It takes a lot of time and it’s definitely a lot of work. Even though most of the paper pom poms can be DIY but it takes a lot of time.

Anyhow, I will definitely keep working on this and I’ll be sure to show you the end product. Let me know what you think.

Also, don’t forget to check out my Pinterest Boards!

DIY: Polka Dot Kindle Case

I’m generally very very lazy leisurely, but I’m super enthusiastic when it comes to DIY. So I often have buy all sorts of cool fabrics thinking I’ll make a shirt, a skirt, a dress, a jacket, a cape, a FREAKING evening gown. It never happens, because I’m so leisurely.

Situation changed this time as a result of this new kindle. I really cannot allow it to fall into my bag without at least some form of cover. So within 1 night, I made this relatively simple kindle case.

Step 1: Measure

So to minimise the sewing, I’ve chosen a large piece of fabric.

I first folded in half, to put extra layer of cushion in between. Then I left double the kindle’s length plus 2 inches at both ends.

Step 2: Fold & Mark

Fold the fabric to ensure your kindle will be fully covered, leave the rest as a cover.

I left about 1cm at the top of the kindle and so much room on the side. You don’t have to leave heaps on the side, I only did it because it’s easier to cut 1 inch off than cutting 1cm off.

Mark the bottom of the kindle

Step 3: Cushion

I decided to use left over felt from another DIY project as my cushioning layer.

Step 4: Clip it!

Once the cushioning is in there, it’s vital to make sure everything staying where they are. Clearly, I don’t have pins at home, so I used paper clips. Good thing about paper clips is that they end exactly at the line I’m suppose to sew. Make sure you give some room to the kindle for two reasons. One because it’s easier for you to put it in and take it out; two because after you sew you still have to turn it inside out, and it’ll be much easier for yourself if it’s larger.

Note: That also means the sides where I’ve clipped needs to be reduced.

Step 5. Sew & Cut

After sewing along the dotted line, it’s important to neaten up before turning it inside out. So I reduced the sides to 1cm and cut the corner at 45 degrees angle.

Step 6: Turn it INSIDE OUT!!!

Okay, it’s way too hard to take photo and turn the cover inside out. So you just have to use your imagination.

Step 7: Sew the Cover

This is the lazy part. Instead of having the sewing of the cover concealed, I’ve decided to leave it to the very end. So I’ve folded and sewed the sides, then the top.

Step 8: Pick a cut button

Do you keep all those buttons that come with a dress/coat? Well, you should. Like for this exact reason.

To hold the cover down, I needed a loop + button. In this case I’ve decided to use one of those buttons.

I thought about doing a bow, but then I realised how leisurely I am. FORGET ABOUT THAT!

Step 9: Loopy Loop

I consider this the hardest part. Mostly because it’s small and turning fabric inside out for something so long and thin is always a bitch. So you can skip this step if you can live with the cover of the case always sticking up.

Here’s how I turn it inside out:

I loosely sew only onside of the fabric.

Push the needle through the tube.


I honestly thought it will take me hours, luckily, it took me no more than a minute.

Step 10: Sew on the loop

I think there are lots of different ways of doing the loop, so the shape and direct of the loop really depends your patience and what time of the day it is. By this point it was close to bed time, so I went with whatever is the quickest.

Step 11: Sew on the button


TA DA ~~~~~

And that’s it!

Let me know if any one of my instructions were too ambiguous. I hate ambiguous instructions, but then I don’t want to make this project sound too complicated.

However, if you think this is too simple, just wait for my next project. I personally think it will be mind blowing, sanity shutteringly good.

Yes that’s an expression. You heard it here first.

DIY Projects for Mother’s Day

First of all, these DIY projects I’ve got are not really “Mother’s Day” themed. Which really means they are DIY for ANY day. But most importantly, these are some REALLY Cute DIY ideas that I may or may not use Mother’s Day as a dead line to complete.

1. Painted Jars

I’ve seen these painted jars ALL over the place. Do you know what’s the ONLY thing that’s stopping me painting my jars?

Getting the labels OFF.

I sure will be spending some time researching how to get ’em off before coating them in colour. If you’ve already overcome that hurdle and you’re looking to colour some jars, check out Diary of a Mod Housewife.

2. Handmade Clay Pots

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! Considering I’m so good with plants. (NOT!)

Thankfully, Liz Stanley from Say Yes To Hoboken kindly posted the process for y’all to see.

Don’t worry, it’s so easy even I can do it.

3. Geometric Favor Boxes

I can so see this replace the Fortune Cookies in the imaginary dinners that I host. Just hop over to Ruffled, download the template, print it out some very colourful paper and start making!

Baking Tips: How to frost cupcake like a Boss

If these colourful cupcakes don’t catch your IMMEDIATE attention then I don’t know what will. May be a shirtless Gosling?

Anyhow, not that I make cupcakes often, but I’d like to know how to frost one like a boss when I get the chance. So I read through this amazing post and when I was watching her video where she shows you the different outcome when frosting starting from inside, and frosting starting from outside, I think I saw light shining from above.

 And if you don’t even know how to make a cupcake like me, Gloria from Glorious Treats will help you take that leap here.

So, go nuts!

Printable Templates

Over the weekend, I had dinner with my parents and some of their friends; and some of them asked my mother why she didn’t have her own recipe book. Well, I wouldn’t say she’s a culinary genius but she’s got a few dishes that makes people BEGGING for more.

The most incredible part is that she allllllways gives out recipes, and then friends would go home and cook it, yet it always turns out different. So I thought may be compiling a recipe book like the olden days would be a good idea and I started to dig around the world wide web for some printable recipe cards.

And boy did I find meself some goodies!

You absolutely have to visit Love Vs. Design. If you are a craft loving person who loves printable templates then you absolutely need to book mark that page! Not that I have a wedding to plan, but I just think I found the perfect wedding stationery shop!

Well, more importantly though, check out their Printable Template page, where you get to download these beautiful design like below, ALL FOR FREEEE!!!!!!

Who said the best things in life are for free?

DIY Fashion: Flats Renovation

Since this DIY idea I’ve been dying to try it out on a pair of my own boots. But to be perfectly honest, I just won’t put glitter on a perfectly find pair of shoes for the sake of having glitter; rather, I’d put glitter on it to give it a second life…sort of. So I call this: The Flats Renovation!

So during work yesterday, I purchased some silver glitter glue. Yep, I didn’t purchase Glitter + Glue, I just simply purchased Glitter Glue.

And last night I took a pair of hand me down Nine West flats from mum (THANKS MUM!!!) and applied glitter!

And this is what I’ve done with it!

Goes without saying, clean your shoes first! Otherwise, the glitter will not stick properly.

Step 2: Place tape at where you want your line to end.

Step 3: Prep glitter glue & paint brush.

Step 4: Apply glitter. Make sure it’s a thin even coat, so it will dry evenly and quickly. Don’t worry you’re missing a few spots here and there. We can fix that later.

Step 5: After about 20 minutes or when it’s dried, I used hair spray and gave it a light coat. You could also use craft fixative, I just used hair spray because it’s there.

Step 6: Repeat step 4 & 5. Number of coats will obviously vary depending on the look you want. I wanted the glitter to have a good coverage but have some black leather showing. So I decided to go with 4 coats.

Step 7: Give it a light coat of hair spray before you peel off the tape.

Because I didn’t use PVA glue mixed with glitter, it’s a good idea to seal with a light layer of PVA glue before you peel off the tape. I didn’t, so I’ll tell you how fast the glitter falls off my shoe. Overall, I’m really happy with the result. Hopefully, they’ll look just as good on my feet!!!

Easy Yummy Recipe: Onion Anchovies Olive Pastry

Are you thinking of cooking for your date/partner/kids/friends/boss and you’ve never cooked before? Trust me, don’t try it TODAY. But if you INSIST on cooking, this is one of those easy yummy recipes that EVERYONE can do.

It’s taken from Donna Hay’s Modern Classics 1. Even if you don’t intend to use it for cooking, this book will be just as lovely on the coffee table. The images are simply divine.

So, let us begin. I prepared them as entrée so keep in mind that this is NOT a heavy dish.

You’ll Need

Puff Pastry

Brown onions (2)

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Olives Halved (Approx 1 cup)

Chopped Anchovies (12)

Brown Sugar (1 tbsp)

Balsamic Vinegar (1 tbsp)

Olive Oil (1 tbsp)


 Step 1 – Prepare Onion Topping

Slice onions

Cook onions with 1 tbsp olive oil until brown & golden (approx 10 mins)

stir in brown sugar (1 tbsp) & balsamic vinegar (1 tbsp)

cook for another 2 – 3 mins

put onion aside & leave to cool

 Step 2 – Prepare Puff Pastry

If you want to make your own puff pastry then you need to consult Donna Hay’s book, which gives detailed instruction; but if you’re short on time, go to your grocery store, get the puff pastry from the frozen section and use that. It’s perfectly adequate.

With the frozen puff pastry, it normally comes in approximately 30cm squares, cut that into 4 smaller squares

You can cut it even smaller, but don’t make it too small, otherwise you can’t stack much toppings on.

Step 3 – Toppings

Here’s the fun & hardest part: toppings.

Put the Parmesan cheese on square FIRST, leaving approximately 1 – 2 cm border

Then cooked onion

Then sprinkle on the chopped anchovies (be mindful, don’t sprinkle too much)

Sprinkle on some thymes

Step 4 – Oven

Place in the oven at 180°C or 360°F for approximately 10 mins or until the pastry is golden

Voila! It’s done. Bob’s your Uncle. (Where does that saying comes from?)

Why have I used French to number my images? Because I’m one sixteenth Belgium after watching loads of Hercule Poirot.

Who is he? Well, that’s another post.