Happy Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day!

I’d like to think I have a little bit of a green thumb, I mean a little bit because I’ve only killed 2 plants in the last year and I consider that a win.

Now I’m in the process of actually combining all my little terrariums together (and when I say ‘in the process’, I’m at a contemplative stage), which means I’m on the lookout for some very interesting terrariums and planters. I think either one of those can work. I’ve seen the bottom terrarium in real life, and it’s AMAZING. It’s such an organic shape it’s my preferred terrarium right now.

Top: Miniature Concrete Planter {A+R}

Bottom: Wood + Glass Terrarium {West Elm}


3 Song Cleanathon

Even though every week (mostly) we go through the same routine for house cleaning/chores on Saturdays, the house STILL feel like a mess. And there seems to be endless amount of stuff I need to do; clothes to put away, surfaces to clean. It’s endless. You might think we’re doing this the wrong way, well, you’re not the only one. I’m thinking the same. I remember during high school, teachers always tell us to study or revise a little every single night, so when the exam time comes no one has to cram. Well, now that I am an adult and have SOME level of self discipline, I’m going to try that out. Allow me to introduce this new movement: 3 Song Cleanathon.

It’s simple, clean a little every night only for as long as 3 songs.

Now, why 3 songs? Well, 1. that’s a little over 10 mins which is all the cleaning I can handle on a weeknight; 2. How boring would it be cleaning to silence? Wouldn’t it be more fun for you to pack your clothes away while listening to Pharrell telling you to clap along like a room with a roof? Because that’s what a room without a roof would do. They clap along when they’re happy.

Step 1: Choose three songs


Step 2: Compile list of house chores

Make sure you keep them small and simple, don’t put down “Clean bathroom” because it’s impossible to achieve that in 3 songs time. I also start with things that will make most amount of visual impact like ‘Putting the clothes away’. We generally have a pile of clean clothes in the laundry basket that we washed over the weekend, and it seems to stay around the bedroom because we don’t usually put it away until THURSDAY which means it’ll reappear on Saturday. It’s big and it’s messy, so putting it away makes me feel instantly better. For other people, you can replace this task with making the bed, or put the dirty clothes on the ground into the washing basket or stuff like that. Regardless of what it is, start with something that is not physically challenging but will make a huge visual impact.

Make sure to organise the list based on your priorities. If my song ends at task 2, I would at least have 2 parts of my house cleaned. These tasks are just the itemised version of “Clean the whole house”, so you don’t have to do all this on Saturday morning.

I have things like ‘Fashion fix it’ on the list, where it might be repeated every time I update this. I always find myself “Oh I’ll have to sew that button back on” or “Oh I have to stitch that up”, but it’s like me hoping to win the lotto, it just never happens. Don’t try to do them all at once, just one button at a time. Same with ‘Organise sell or throw’. Purging your closet will be a looooonnnnggggggg task, I find myself contemplating and trying it on before putting it in the “Donate” bag or the “I think I can still wear it like this” shelf. Or, if on a REALLY good day, I might do a little catwalk like these people here.

That obviously will take about 1 whole damn album before you get somewhere, but for the sake of this exercise, just deal with one drawer at a time.

You might like to use this list or add to it. Either way, you need to find your rhythm.



Step 3: HIT IT!

For people who also love cleaning and just generally organised, you might like to check out where I got this idea from. Of course, it’s from the domestic goddess Martha Stewart.