Wedding: The Dress

The Dress

For almost all brides, one of the most important detail for your wedding day is the wedding dress. Let me give you a heads up, my dress doesn’t look anything like these.

Part 1: The Decision

At the beginning of the search, I was determined to buy a dress over the internet for a mere $250, probably made in China but I wasn’t too fussed. I’ve seen a friend who’s ordered a dress over the internet for her wedding, for less than that amount and it looked stunning. So I thought, maybe I can do the same?

The reason it looked stunning due to the thousands of layers, so it didn’t matter if it wasn’t great quality fabric because it was the train and the layers that was stunning. Down side of that? She had to get the bodice altered a big time because ordering it on the internet is NEVER fitting.

So after MONTHS, my mother who was a professional tailor decided that she won’t allow her only daughter to get married in $250 dress ordered online. So begins the second part of the journey.

Part 2: The Making

I knew exactly how I wanted it: It would have a structured bodice and very sheer lace top that covers my collar bone. The bottom half closely follow the lines of my hip before flaring out from just above my knee.

Wedding Dress

The original dress that inspired mine does not have the sheer lace, so it was a strapless dress. I’ve always been uncomfortable with wearing a strapless dress, mostly because I’m really skinny and believe it or not, I think I look even skinnier in a wedding dress. So I knew I had to have something that covers my collar bones.

modern simple wedding dress

We had a lot of difficulty in deciding what’s the best way for the lace to cover my shoulders. We tried it being under the bodice, but realised it would crease at very odd locations just above the bust. To give it a smooth look, we decided that the lace will have to cover the entire top bodice.

We used the most exquisite fabric & lace bought from Saigon Fabrics. They have a great range of wedding fabrics if you decided to custom make the dress.

modern wedding dress button detail

The most excruciating process (most likely for my mum), was to create the the buttons for the back of my dress. Each button was individually created then sewn on!!!

modern simple wedding dress

I couldn’t believe that my mum wrapped each buttons individually. On top of that, she did that within a week!!!!

wedding dress

Come wedding day, the difficult task of buttoning up was then up to my bridesmaids. (Thanks girls!)

Honestly, apart from those details, there really wasn’t much more to my dress. And here’s what it looks like overall.

little bennet wedding dress
At one point, we played with different lengths of the train. Since we decided not to make the bottom half of the dress too large, we felt we had to make it up with a train. More importantly, it helped the dress to sit much better on the floor.

Also, I would like to point out that trains of a white wedding gown get sooooo dirty. (I’m pretty sure it was dirty by the time I started taking photos with the family, which is right after the ceremony.)

Not sure how other people overcome this problem, but it obviously wasn’t a concern for me, but I can remember the first time I looked towards the back of my dress, I thought: “Oh somebody gotta bleach that sh*t.” It was positively a shade of dark grey.

Part 3: The details

But I had bigger things to worry about, like my expanding stomach. I don’t mean the “pregnant” kind of expanding, but my stomach expands extremely quickly after a meal. Sure I could exercise, tone up and get in shape for my wedding, but who’s got time for that stuff before a wedding. So I asked my mum to make me a peplum as a bandaid solution.

It was GREAT! I loved it. So much I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it with just about anything. Right before the reception started, I took off the veil and added this little peplum and it changed the mood for me completely.

peplum on wedding dress


wedding dress museum of contemporary art sydney wedding

Sure I could have included in the earlier part as well, but I decided I wanted a long silhouette for the ceremony (hence the long veil that you can see in the very last image of this post); and a more playful silhouette for the reception. For me, the added peplum definitely made me want to party.


Believe it or not, I found my wedding shoes from a factory outlet. On possibly the FIRST hour of the Ferragamo factory outlet opened (obviously the shoes were destined for me), I happened to be there and purchase this little gem. A number of people were surprised that I chose to wear flats but I have two good reasons:

1. My partner’s not tall and;
2. It’s sooooo comfortable.

wedding shoes

Sure, my ass would’ve looked better had I worn heels, but my feet would have been crying from pain.

Since the very beginning I wanted everything to be ‘me’. You might think that is not a hard thing to do, but when faced with so many choices and pretty things, I was so close to choosing other designs because I find them all so beautiful. So I would have gone with an all lace wedding dress, and a pair of Jimmy Choo, with possibly colourful invite I found online; but I stuck to my gut with everything I chose. Sure some things I compromised, but nothing that mattered a great deal to me.

One thing I’m really proud of is that every detail of the wedding – especially the wedding dress – has been crafted exactly how I imagined. This would not have been possible without my mother.

To give you an idea of how incredible she it, we bought the fabric just 2 WEEKS before the actual wedding, and trust me, even the shop assistant was shocked and VERY worried when they found out my wedding was 2 weeks away. But she always delivers.

I feel so blessed and fortunate to have a mother who is a seamstress who dedicated 2 full weeks to the making of my wedding dress. More importantly, thank you for the support and your perseverance when you knew I didn’t have it. Thank you for all the things you said, and thank you for the things you didn’t say.

All the photos you’ve seen in this post have been taken by the dream husband-wife team: Tinker Photography. Only after having my own wedding that I realised the talented two captured those candid moments that was lost in the crowd. Like when my bridesmaid was busy fixing my dress and veil RIGHT before the ceremony. Or when we were taking our version of the Oscar Selfie. Or when one of my best friend was ducking from the bouquet as another male friend advantageously catches the bouquet…before handing it to the nearest girl…then walking away quietly.

Taking photos of people is difficult; you never know what YOU will do. Tinker Photography captured the most amazing candid shots that we will surely love to laugh at in a decade or two. And THAT is what you want from your wedding photography.

Thanks guys for being such a fantastic photographers, but thank you for just being such awesome friends!

wedding gown bridesmaids dress

*All the photos in this post were taken by Tinker Photography.*


Wedding: The Backdrop & Table Numbers

LB-The Wedding

After 2 years of preparation and a thousand paper pom poms later, we had our wedding in early May. We were so very blessed, because the weather was ridiculously good and everyone was so chilled. And guess what? I actually finished all my food!

While I only have limited photos with me, I have to share some of my wedding DIYs and extraordinary experiences I had at my wedding.


Remember this post? Well, this is how it turned out:



It was freaking awesome. Well, at least I loved it even if no one else did. What you’re seeing are one thousand paper pom poms tied onto 2 golf practice nets exactly like this one here. Yes, you read that correctly that’s approximately one thousand paper pom poms.

So the important questions are: How much time did I spend on this? How much did it cost? Should I do this myself?

Time is hard to quantify because I worked to about 60% completion and had help for the final 40%. If you really want to try it out, you should time yourself making about 10-15 paper pom pom. Then, multiply that time by 3. I know it sounds excessive, but you have to understand that time includes tying it onto the net. On top of that you should consider the fact that you won’t be able to make it for 5 hours straight. You’d be lucky to get through 1 hour; however, towards the end I had my best friends help me finish all of them and so it was much more fun having them around so it lasted for hours.

If I have to put a number? I’d say about 6 months of serious pom pom making. That is everyday after work for about an hour or two for 6 months by myself.

And how much?

Each frame was about AUS$90 with delivery. I bought the pom poms from this Chinese wholesale website, where I found my own supplier and negotiated with them (yes all transactions were in English) on the price and delivery. So they were about 20-60 cents each (depends on the size of the paper pom poms) inclusive of delivery. Just a note and tips, paper pom pom themselves were only about 4-5 cents, the rest is SHIPPING!!!! Of course, the more you order the less is the average.

I ordered about 300 the first time and realised that I need WAYYYYY more than 300, so I ordered another 1000, which was a complete over estimate. In this instance, I’d rather have too much than too little. So if anyone is interested in buying paper pom poms at about 60 cents each, feel free to contact me.

And is it all worth it? Should you attempt this yourself?

It took a long time, annnnnd it takes up a lot of space. We’re currently selling the backdrop and the net with the paper pom poms tied onto them becomes an enormous blanket, so it literally takes over half of my study room.

On top of that, it took a long time. Seriously, just ask my girl friends who were there days and nights helping me getting it all ready.

Knowing all this, I would still do it all over again because I love craft and making things. I had a 2 years engagement and the 1000 paper pom poms sure made it go by quickly! If you don’t like craft and you’re short on time, honey, save the money and trouble.

Table Numbers-1 copy

The other wedding DIY was table numbers. I saw from a blog somewhere that they painted a mini painting for each person and used it as a place card. Since my wedding was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, I thought it would be appropriate to use paintings are well. When I thought about doing a mini painting for everyone, I thought to myself: “That sh*t be cray!”. So it turned into paintings for table numbers looking like these:

LB-Table Numbers-3

LB-Table Numbers-2

I love painting, so it was so therapeutic sitting on the couch or the kitchen table painting. (Note: there will be a DIY post on this!) It was about $5 per table number and each took about 30 mins to make (excluding drying time).

So expect more posts on my wedding and don’t be surprised if I break this up into many tiny posts as oppose to one giant post. One day only talk about weddings for so long.

Wedding: The Backdrop

photo 1

It’s not a tradition of mine to start a blog post with an unrepeatable anecdote, so I will start now.

Pinterest, as you know is practically my Bible. I look at that shit religiously. So, no doubt I noticed when they asked me a question and get you to type in the answer so they’ll find you some amazing images like they have TODAY.
My question was along the line of “What is your idea of a fun outdoor activity?”. Well, it’s been raining pretty heavily in Sydney over the last few days and with little to no thought, I wrote down my first and a very genuine answer: “Running like wild goose in the rain.”

Pinterest returned my search with this line:
“We couldn’t find any results for ‘Running like wild goose in the rain‘, but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers or Pasta!”
Of course not Pinterest. Of course you couldn’t find any results because I doubt anyone else thinks running like wild goose in the rain is a fun outdoor activity….no.

So…… prep eh?

Since the very beginning I’ve been looking for 1-2 materials/colours to use at the wedding and ONLY those. Then I decided it needs to be cheap and DIY-able, so here is my philosophy on using cheap materials:
Go big or go home, because lots of anything will always make an impression. After weeks or possibly months of ferocious research of paper backdrops I came across a few designs that made an impression on me.

One of the first idea I went to was using various geometric shapes like the first one below (I luurrvvvv geometric shapes, just check out this Pinterest board). Making these geo shapes won’t be too hard if you have a template, which I know you can find in this magical land of world wide web, but it will require drawing, and cutting and …..other stuff. More importantly though, hanging these shapes will be problematic, same with the last one that uses cones. Although, if you have opportunity to hang them, the cones will be much easier to make than the geo shapes.

wedding backdrop ideasImage Source: 1, 2, 3.

The confetti image gave me an idea that instead of using various different things and put it together, I could colour a large panel of fabric. However, it’s not as flattering as something that has a 3 dimensional quality.

And then I saw this.

The pom pom factoryImage Source

Okay, maybe I won’t be able to recreate that exactly, but I love the way the paper pom poms just creeps up on the stair case. More importantly, I love the way these paper pom poms just gathers together. In fact, it looks just like the bottom of a Vera Wang wedding gown. Ahhhhhhh……

So, I started making my very own. It might just be a work in process, but you can kind of see where I’m going with this.

wedding ceremony backdrop

And honestly, I’m LOVING the making of this backdrop. I can’t believe how fun it is to make this thing. Reminds me of my days in university making one of my models.
I mean, it takes a LOT of my time and there just seems to be a never ending amount of paper pom poms to make, but it’s all about the journey right? Anyway, I can’t stop making these.

We can’t stooop

And we won’t stooooop….until I finish making this large ass backdrop

I’ll update you guys a little later on the net and framing that I’m using. Can’t give everything away in one go.


It’s completed! And I love it soooo much. See how it turned out in this post.

Wedding: The Textiles

You may or may not know that the real purpose of our trip to Hong Kong was to purchase some of our wedding stuff. Unlike America where things are dramatically cheaper, lots of things in Australia are comparatively more expensive. So when it comes to wedding, the budget can get out of hand so very quickly; and who doesn’t want to save money if they have the chance????

So you know how most wedding planners / blogs tell you to pick that one thing as the priority and cheap out on other things? Well, we decided to let that one thing be the venue & catering. Okay that’s kinda two, but like many venues in Sydney, MCA has their own caterers that you MUST use.

That literally means I cheaped out on the wedding dress. I was planning to order one of those cheap dresses from Ebay, but my mother who happens to be a tailor just could not let her only daughter get married in a $250 wedding dress (Yes, that is my real budget for my wedding dress) made in god knows where. So, she kindly volunteered to make my dress.

Apart from that, I’ve also decided to make my own bouquet. While some people might find that daunting, after actually trying to make one on my own, I’ve realised just how simple it is. So, you need ribbons for the bouquets right???

Once I got to Hong Kong, a friend recommend for me to go to Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. Ladies, it’s textile HEAVEN.


Before I move on to tell you how MUCH fabric they have, let me give you a heads up: There is an electronics market RIGHT NEXT TO the fabric shops.

So don’t feel guilty in dragging your man to Sham Shui Po with you, he can wonder around for a good hour or two. Alright, let’s move on!

First, get to Sham Shui Po station. The district that sells all the fabrics and beads have been highlighted in red.

Sham Shui Po

Directions: Exit C2 of Sham Shui Po station. As soon as you get out of the station, you’re pretty much standing on the first cross street with market stalls (feel free to drop off your man at this point) and it looks like this:

electronics market in hong kong

Continue onto the next cross street which is Yu Chau Street. Turn left onto Yu Chau Street and just keep walking until you see this:

wholesale beads in hong kong

And this:

wholesale ribbons in hong kong

So here is what they offer in this district: fabrics, buttons, ribbons and more.

You know who would love this place? Martha Stewart. No no, not just her. Competitors on “Fashion Star” would love this place. I seriously feel like buying beads / crystals so I can make sh*t that I’ve never wanted like this Kiwi here:


I was after fabric for my wedding dress and I knew what type of fabric I wanted, which made the process that little bit easier. Mainly because these fabric stores do specialise in different fabrics. Some specialises in lace type fabric like these:

wholesale fabrics in hong kong

Other stores sold sequins:

wholesale sequins fabrics

So the store I went to is called Kam Woo Piece Goods Ltd and it’s on 136B Yu Chau Street. They had a satin and/or silk looking fabrics in a range of colours that was exactly what I was after. I found what I wanted rather quickly, in fact the two ladies seated inside was super helpful, only they speak in Cantonese or Mandarin. Actually, most of them only speak in those two dialects; so if you only speak English just make sure Google Translate is readily available.


Now, the prices depend on the amount you purchase and obviously the type of fabric you choose; but just to give you an idea, the top fabric costs HK$24 per yard (For those you guys who uses the metric system, that equates to 91cm).

The bottom fabric costs HK$21 per yard, which is seriously so very cheap in comparison to the fabrics in Sydney.

It was a great recommendation by my friend and I do feel unusually inspired after going to these stores. If you have no idea what you want and just want to browse, then this trip will be looonnnnggggg; but if you know what you’re looking for, you’ll figure out what types shops you need to go into pretty quickly.

In my next wedding chapter, I’ll be showing you my fiance’s tailor made suit.

Wedding: Emotional Management

On my most recent b’day, I went to the wedding of a very close friend. During the reception, the groom came over and apologised for not wishing me happy b’day earlier (which I was seriously VERY moved by); then just after they cut their wedding cake, they announced to all the guests that it was my b’day.

And I cried. Like, sh*t be outta control cried.

But, that’s only the beginning. The girl who sat next to me (who happens to be my bridesmaid), was also unable to control her emotions and cried like a girl. Then followed by another friend, who too joined us and cried like a baby. Just as I sat down after blowing out the candle, I saw a 4th girl on the same table wiping away her tears.

Suddenly, half the table was crying.

Then about 2 weeks ago, our friend shows us her wedding photo, and I made 2 very serious discoveries:

1. I am an ugly crier. 

That’s totally a thing. Some people can cry gracefully, and generally those graceful criers won’t distort their face when they cry. So it’s just their poker face with tears streaming down. Others like Emma Watson who will look good in any situation.

Most of the time I think I cry like this:

emma watson cryingSource

But, sad reality is, my crying face is a combination of this:

ugly crying face baby crying kim kardashian crying

Source: Left, Right.

I STRUGGLE to keep my mouth shut and I have absolutely NO control whatsoever over the amount of liquid that falls down my face. Obviously, I am genetically disadvantaged  compared to Emma Watson, but crying is about the control you have over your face.

Second thing I found out is:

2. I Cry. Any time. Any day.

Sometimes, I let my mind wonder as I brush my teeth, and I think about what my dad’s face will look like as he hands me over to my husband-to-be … *boom*  I’m crying.
Other times, I think about what kind of things I will say to my group of close friends at the end of wedding day…
*boom* I’m crying again.
I can be cleaning our guinea pigs cage and think about a Shakespeare sonnet…*boom* …Oops, I’m teary. Again.

So there is no denying, I need some SERIOUS emotional management before and throughout the whole day. Usually, to avoid becoming emotional, I think about REALLLLLLY stupid things; like what it would be like if I suddenly decided to do a summersault. Or what if my dad suddenly started to rap.  Thing is, I’m not sure if that’s what I want to be thinking about right before I say my vows, or as I’m delivering a speech.

Ohhhh, I know people won’t care. When I do eventually look back at my wedding photos, I probably won’t care either, EVEN if I look like crying Kardashian. Truth is, I STILL want to try to have a little control over my emotions on the day.

Any advice?

Wedding: The Songs

Most of you guys may not know this, but I’m kinda of a musical genius.
I could hum ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and it will sound like Adele singing ‘Someone Like You’ for the first time. I dream up melodies so sick I think it should be recognised as a super power.

So you can imagine how difficult it is living with my other half who doesn’t ‘get’ rhythm. And in a moment of craziness, I’ve asked my other half to pick the music for our wedding.
While I may not care so much about the general playlist throughout the night (and I totally mean it, I really don’t care), I do care a lot about the song we will be dancing to for our first dance.

Here’s the problem, I’m not a good dancer and neither is he. Not only that, we have very different taste in music. Mine is fairly mainstream and his is a lot more “hipster” and “cool”.
On top of that, we don’t really have ‘a song’ that is meaningful to our relationship. I mean, we could both rock out to Taylor Swift’s “22” or “Trouble”; or Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die”, but I just don’t think they send a good message. So this is the point where we realisee that choosing the music for the first song will be just as difficult as cutting the guest list.

melancholia first danceImage Source

Here are the rules:

1. Classic but not cheesy. Example, we will not be picking ‘My Heart Will Go On’ or ‘Unchained Melody’.

2. Must! be from an artist that he knows.

3. Cannot be about failing relationships. It’ll be a plus if it’s about love.

4. An easy and suitable rhythm to slow dance to.

Here are just some of our ideas:

You think that’s easy? Alright, one of the first songs he picked was Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez.

It’s actually a really cool song, but think about it. And now move your feet. Now try sloooowwwwwww dancing to this song.
Feels soooo weird slow dancing to this song.

A second suggestion which I fearlessly rejected is Skinny Love by Birdy

I have noooooooo problem with Birdy (have you heard her version of White Winter Hymnal? Some people hate it, I’m one of those that love it), and I have no problem with the song.
It’s just when I tried to dance to it, it’s either too slow or too fast. I’m one of those people who like to dance TO A BEAT, not dancing to the beat feels really awkward. In fact, I can feel my inner bridezilla is stirring to every beat that I’m NOT dancing to.

So, do you have any suggestions?

More importantly, do you think it matters that we don’t dance to the beat? I mean, at this point I don’t know WHAT is right or wrong. In case you have similar problems, then let me get you started on these two website:

100 Wedding First Dance Song

Celebrity Wedding First Dance Songs

Wedding: The Guest List

barn wedding decorations

Image Source

At times, I like people to see me as a tough person, but deep down I’m just a ball of soft white fur. (There sure will be arguments based on that comment!) So when it came to making decisions for the guest list, it was really difficult to cut people out. I know this is our wedding and we can do whatever we want, but let’s be honest here, there are always people you HAVE to invite and there are people you would LOVE to invite but cannot because you’re inviting those that HAVE to be there.

My fiance and I started planning for a small wedding of 60; until we realised he had a large family of 40 so we threw away the ‘small wedding’ idea and looked for a function room that holds 150. That doesn’t even matter now because due to room layout, we cannot have more than 140. That might not sound really bad, but now that we have room to invite people, but can’t afford to invite EVERYONE, that’s when the problem starts.

So before I got into the hair pulling stage I decided to adopt the various suggestions I’ve heard and read. Suggestions that I’ve never really given much thought until now. Here are just a few that I found reasonable and are also great advice:

1. Invite only those that both of you have met

After all, it’s the wedding for BOTH of you right? Not just the bride. Or the groom. So that sounds logical, but it doesn’t always happen.

For example, both my fiance and I have met our parents’ friends, but not all their kids. It’s not so hard if the kids are in the teens because I’m assuming they’d be happy to stay at home. Imagine it’s an infant, or a toddler or two (this is not so bad, read on for Point 3). The only one exception to this rule though, is if it’s a married couple. Not inviting the married partner is considered really rude.

2. Invite the partner if they have been together for 1 year or more

Okay, so you HAVE met the boyfriend before, but you don’t even know his last name? Cut it. Even if your friend thinks he is THE ONE.

3. Don’t invite guests whose bed time is before 9pm

I’m talking about babies and toddlers. Seriously guys, we all know weddings can get crazy. There will probably be a lot of alcohol, inappropriate jokes, loud music and definitely a lot of shouting. Leaving the babies at home will not only avoid crying babies during the reading of your vows, you’ll also give the parents a PERFECT excuse to party. I don’t know who should thank who.

4. If you can’t bare the thought of not being invited to your friend’s wedding

People always say, it’s YOUR wedding. Do whatever you want. Sometimes, what brides want is not hurt others’ feelings. So here’s something I heard on the radio the other week to put this rule into perspective:

This lady had a very intimate  location wedding (by small I mean, bride, groom and two witnesses kinda small) to evoke the feeling of an elopement. As a result, she didn’t invite a close friend. When it came to her close friend’s wedding, she wasn’t invited. She was very upset to say the least, and it made her question her decision of a small wedding and making her friend feeling the same way. Now, if you too might cry alone in the bathroom just from the thought of not being invited to your friend’s wedding. You should invite the friend. If you couldn’t care less. Well. You know what to do.

5. Start seating arrangements as early as possible

Okay, I got this one from a blog post somewhere that I cannot remember, but this is a really good advice: Start to arrange them onto tables ASAP.

So we all know seating arrangements are difficult, and if not arranged properly, you can ruin someone’s experience. I’ve heard stories after stories about how people were seated with a bunch of people they don’t know and left as soon as the couples pushed that knife through the cake. Thing is, weddings are meant to be fun. For everyone. So I do want to avoid those situations where one person or even one couple are seated with people they don’t know. So when you find yourself forced to put a friend on a table with a bunch of strangers, you need to be cruel to be kind and cut that person out.

Obviously, this will apply to our wedding because we’re having separate tables. If you choose to have long tables then you may have a different set of troubles.

6. Share your troubles with people

To explain AFTER you get in trouble is always much harder than warning someone in advance. Even though you’re perfectly reasonable and logical.

So share your troubles with your friends early on, especially those who you would like to invite but are likely to be cut out; or those who think they will be coming, but you don’t have the heart to tell them they are not coming. Mostly you do this so it gives you an opportunity to share your perspective, and it is also a kind warning that they may not be invited due to certain limitations. One thing though, if you decide not to invite them, do call or email them to explain, EVEN IF you mentioned it before you decided on the guest list. It’s just a common courtesy and it really shows that you truly mean what you say. I would tell them exactly why I call them, i.e. I call because I care. I wouldn’t call if they were my third aunt’s cousin that I met once.

(Do this in moderation. Like, not at every birthday, party or weddings. It won’t seem sincere when it’s in the form of bitchin’.)

All in all, trimming the guest list is a cut throat business and it’s gotta be done. Other suggestions / philosophical questions you should ask yourself when deciding on the guests are:

7. Is it worth inviting a childhood friend when you two have drifted apart many years ago?

8. Do you think this is someone who will be there for the rest of your lives? That is, for richer or for poorer? In sickness and in health?

(I know what you’re thinking: Wohhhhhhhh that’s too deep man.)

9. Will he/she appreciate this invite?

Sometimes people don’t appreciate a chance to dress up and mingle with a bunch of people they don’t know. It’s no one’s fault, because we all prefer to stay inside our comfort zone. 

So! Does anyone have any other advice?

Wedding: Favours & Bonbonniere

Okay guys. Wedding planning is moving along at an acceptable pace; we’ve just booked the venue, I bought a wedding dress for my pre-wedding photo shoot (okay, there should definitely be a new post) AND we’re deciding on some of the finer details. Details being: Bonbonniere or as I would like to call it favours (because I have noooo idea how to pronounce the other word).

I actually have two ideas for favours, both involve candies. I’m sure you’ve seen these candies before:

wedding candy

Yep, I thought these are soooo cute. Do you know what it looks like at the beginning?


When I saw that, I was like: “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?” Actually, I saw the above first, and as we moved closer to the packaging side of the shop, I realised that blob actually turns into a heart. Not just any heart, a nice and perfectly proportioned one.

I think I’m still in shock.

Not only can they do hearts, they can even write your names. I know. AH-mazing. Well, even though the lollies are super adorable, I find the jars they came in weren’t to my taste:


They come in different sizes, and according to the shop, each person should get about 40g per serving at the very least, and they could provide you in a clear plastic bag (as you can see in the bottom left hand corner of the photo and yes, that cost money too).  Well, then we came across these cute jars with clip tops:

 wedding favoursTop to bottom: Mini Clip Top Jar; Quarttro Stagioni Jar; Cotton Bag; Wood Spoon & Glass Jar; Snap Lid; Jar with Cork Lid.

And this is where I start to hesitate. Each jar is about $3 average (counting shipping) plus another $1 of candy, that is a good $4 per favour. With 150 people, that’s $600 just for favours.

My other option was set up a Candy Bar. I was actually thinking of using linen/canvas bag, dip it in white and navy paint. Not only will I use it as a favour, I will also use it as a place card. According to market rate, candy bars for 150 people should be around $300 – $350, plus the bags, well, I’ll have to keep that under $100 to have any significant savings. If we choose the candy bar option however, it’s more troublesome. I’ll have to semi make the bag, then get people to set it up on the day (what if it’s not how I want it?), and how do you get people not to take too much of something and so on….

What do you think I should do?

Wedding Shoes

Quite honestly, I always thought looking for wedding shoes was really difficult. Not that there aren’t a HUGE amount of wedding shoes around, it’s just that there aren’t many ‘flat’ wedding shoes around.

I always knew I would be wearing a pair of nice flats, and not so long ago, I thought about wearing a current pair of Nine West flats seen  here that I absolutely adore because it’s insanely comfortable and (in my humble opinion) stylish. But knowing that a ‘shoe shot’ is a pretty standard photo in the wedding photo series, I really don’t think I should include a thoroughly worn and possibly dirty shoes EVEN IF I coat it in silver glitter.

Well, thankfully, there are heaps of options out there even though its not exactly ‘wedding’ shoes.




1. One Day {Nine West}; 2. Costarride {Nine West}; 3. Pointed Ballet {ASOS}; 4. Speakup {Nine West}; 5. Jemmy {Nine West}; 6. Khaki Studded Slipper {ASOS}; 7. Wantmeback {Nine West}; 8. Frenzy Leather Flats {ASOS}; 9. Bowtie Flats {BHLDN}; 10. Bowtie Flats {BHLDN}; 11. Radiant Sandals {BHLDN}; 12. Satin Ballet Flats {BHLDN}.