Summer Wedding Outfit

sydney summer wedding outfit

Spring & summer are usually are popular seasons for weddings in almost anywhere in the world; plus in the southern hemisphere we are about to experience an overwhelming amount of merriness and festivity with the coming of CHRISTMAS, so everyone is in party mode by the middle of October.

So being in late spring and knowing the wedding would be a garden wedding with no cover, I opted for a head to toe cover.

You may or may not know, the sun is really quite harsh and it does loads of damage to your skin. While putting on sun screen is a start, you also need to be really smart about how you cover up. Long sleeve and pants may not be your first choice on a hot sunny day, but it certainly is the most logical. So I decided I need to keep my pants long and the fabric thin, my brims wide and the my body proportion long. So I arrived at this outfit.

Told you you’d see more pretentious posing.

sydney outdoor wedding outfit

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



While New York get a feet of snow dumped on the city, Sydney is getting swept away by this ridiculous heat. One thing is for sure, Summer is here!

SUMMER IS HERE award winning ice cream


Looking forward to an amazing weekend, with a wedding and a picnic. Look out for more pretentious posing and my version of fashion editorial on my Instagram account.


Chinese Whispers: Cross The Line

You may or may not know about next year’s theme for the fashion’s night of all night, The Met Gala has been chosen. And it happens to be Chinese Whispers. Motifs of Chinese designs have been used by numerous designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, who are obviously the avant-gardes of the fashion industry.

You might already know the American Chinese fashion designers like Jason Wu, Derek Lam, Vera Wang and Alexander Wang; but today I’m going to be introducing two designers who are the emerging new Chinese designers, born and raised in China.


blind by JW cross the line



These two talented designers have been featured in a new Hong Kong based website called Cross the Line, where you could find other emerging Chinese designers and their collection.

Writing Exercise 1: Free Range {Read at your own risk}

Hi readers of this blog, I recently signed up to do an over ambitious exercise called ‘Blogging 101’. Mostly because I need help get more content onto these screens.

So this is the first exercise as part of the ‘Writing 101’ (okay, I know I just wrote ‘Blogging 101’, but this page I decided click on is called ‘Writing 101’) they ask you to just write / type for 20 minutes. No constructed plans of posts, just whatever that flows from my partial operating brain to my fingertips. So I’m going to let my mind go free range. Cage free. Commando. Absolutely wild.

Annnd, apparently I’m just suppose to publish this. Without editing.

If this is your first time on Little Bennet, God bless you. If you have high blood sugar and possibly low in iron, then I just suggest for you to step away from the screen very slowly. I have no idea what this post will your do to your possibly fragile body. If I have to describe what it’s like for me to write for 20 minutes straight without thinking, it’s very much like squeezing out a tube of tooth paste: Utterly satisfying but I’m going to be left with a huge mess that no one wants to clean up afterwards.

The last time I proof read something that I wrote, I almost gave myself cancer. So now I just pass the responsibility to someone else.

What is worse, I’m listening to Enrique Iglesias. Remember that guy? Neither do I. But he is singing in the background in another language, possibly about how to seduce a girl but who can be bothered to verify that shit. What Iglesias is doing to my ears is very much like what fried chicken does to my body. No, I don’t know what that means either.

Why is that bad though? In the small amount of space that is inside my head, I somehow have allowed Iglesias to occupy the entire territory, images of him wading through the water in his half opened shirt, which only means one thing: tonight I will HAVE to sing “Bai la mooooooooooos” in the shower. I truly feel sorry for the poor guy who has to live with me.

Other interesting things in the immediate area is this sexy bowl of mini M&Ms sitting on my desk. That bowl, my friends, is a testament of self control.

Bai la mooooooos! That was the end of my 20 minutes of free styling. I hope you survived.


*I have just corrected 3 mistakes but I had to stop myself, to ensure this task stays true and genuine. Now we have written evidences to the effects of listening to Iglesias.

Festival Hall of the Tiroler Festspiele Erl



Introduced once before, I recently came across another project they’ve designed and it’s blowing my freakin’ mind.

I can’t get enough of buildings with simple geometries such as this Festival Hall of the Tiroler Festspiele Erl. The shape was actually derived from the typography.

If you would like to get a transcribed version of the experience, you can get it here, along with plans and other images. Or, if you want to check out her own place (which happens to be a penthouse), you can check it out here.




modern geometric architecture

concert hall FESTIVAL HALL OF THE TIROLER FESTSPIELE ERL elke delugan meissl

modern concert halls

FESTIVAL HALL OF THE TIROLER FESTSPIELE ERL elke delugan meissl minimalist architecture

modern minimalist interior

white interior


Image Source

NYFW Spring 2015: The looks I’m Ready to Wear tomorrow

Some people see the fact that we’re a season behind in fashion as a bad thing, I, being a little bit ‘special’ like to think the fashion week shows display what I should be in the next season. That is kinda happening the next week.

Take New York Fashion Week for example. Everyone is showing the Spring 2015 stuff, which is possible March or April next year. So while they’re showing the beautiful flowy dresses and the colourful designs, they really don’t hit the shelf until much later. Annnnnd, they hit the shelf always at terrible timing, like when people are still rotating on their turtle necks.

As Sydney slowly creeps into spring, I intend to wear those pieces on the runway early next week. Okay, maybe just a version of that; and thankfully, Spring 2015 shows are showing lots of silhouettes that I regularly wear.

NYFW spring 2014 RTW

Image Source

Some people might think these are extraordinarily boring; and they won’t be wrong. If you are as dedicated to a lean and curated wardrobe as I am, I can assure you these are the pieces worth investing in. You might not see them in the next season, or you might not see them in the next 24 seasons. Just you wait, they will remain as classics and forever flattering. If in doubt, wear one of those, but in black.

Although it hasn’t ended, you can follow all the shows at none other than To go to the specific images, go straight to my Pinterest board to find the individual looks.

Happy Hump Day!

sweat tops for girls and boys

Some people won’t allow themselves to step outside of the house with sweat tops because they think sweat tops are CHEAP.
Not me! I am dedicated to the Hobo Chic movement and the only thing I think I would NOT wear with the sweats is a pair of CROCS. Or UGG boots.

Sure you could get this from Target; and sure you could grab one from Macy’s, but no one says you can’t go lux on the sweat tops!!

Girls: Featherweight Cashmere High-low Swing Sweater AUD $354.10 {J.Crew}

Boys: Loopback Cotton Jersey Sweatshirt AUD $156 {Mr. Porter}

3 Song Cleanathon

Even though every week (mostly) we go through the same routine for house cleaning/chores on Saturdays, the house STILL feel like a mess. And there seems to be endless amount of stuff I need to do; clothes to put away, surfaces to clean. It’s endless. You might think we’re doing this the wrong way, well, you’re not the only one. I’m thinking the same. I remember during high school, teachers always tell us to study or revise a little every single night, so when the exam time comes no one has to cram. Well, now that I am an adult and have SOME level of self discipline, I’m going to try that out. Allow me to introduce this new movement: 3 Song Cleanathon.

It’s simple, clean a little every night only for as long as 3 songs.

Now, why 3 songs? Well, 1. that’s a little over 10 mins which is all the cleaning I can handle on a weeknight; 2. How boring would it be cleaning to silence? Wouldn’t it be more fun for you to pack your clothes away while listening to Pharrell telling you to clap along like a room with a roof? Because that’s what a room without a roof would do. They clap along when they’re happy.

Step 1: Choose three songs


Step 2: Compile list of house chores

Make sure you keep them small and simple, don’t put down “Clean bathroom” because it’s impossible to achieve that in 3 songs time. I also start with things that will make most amount of visual impact like ‘Putting the clothes away’. We generally have a pile of clean clothes in the laundry basket that we washed over the weekend, and it seems to stay around the bedroom because we don’t usually put it away until THURSDAY which means it’ll reappear on Saturday. It’s big and it’s messy, so putting it away makes me feel instantly better. For other people, you can replace this task with making the bed, or put the dirty clothes on the ground into the washing basket or stuff like that. Regardless of what it is, start with something that is not physically challenging but will make a huge visual impact.

Make sure to organise the list based on your priorities. If my song ends at task 2, I would at least have 2 parts of my house cleaned. These tasks are just the itemised version of “Clean the whole house”, so you don’t have to do all this on Saturday morning.

I have things like ‘Fashion fix it’ on the list, where it might be repeated every time I update this. I always find myself “Oh I’ll have to sew that button back on” or “Oh I have to stitch that up”, but it’s like me hoping to win the lotto, it just never happens. Don’t try to do them all at once, just one button at a time. Same with ‘Organise sell or throw’. Purging your closet will be a looooonnnnggggggg task, I find myself contemplating and trying it on before putting it in the “Donate” bag or the “I think I can still wear it like this” shelf. Or, if on a REALLY good day, I might do a little catwalk like these people here.

That obviously will take about 1 whole damn album before you get somewhere, but for the sake of this exercise, just deal with one drawer at a time.

You might like to use this list or add to it. Either way, you need to find your rhythm.



Step 3: HIT IT!

For people who also love cleaning and just generally organised, you might like to check out where I got this idea from. Of course, it’s from the domestic goddess Martha Stewart.

Happy Hump Day! (Real vs Fake)

It’s no secret that I worship Stella McCartney like the design goddess she is. So after studying all her stuff inside out, it wasn’t hard for me to see the resemblance between a Witchery bag and the original Falabella shoulder bag. Happy Hump Day!


Top: Alexa Drawstring Bag $99.95 {Witchery}
Bottom: Falabella Shoulder Bag US$1,000.00 {Stella McCartney}

I can say a LOT about this, but I’m going to keep it simple and short. Even though the Witchery bag is one tenth of the price for this particular bag. It won’t deter me from purchasing a real Stella bag.